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Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot (I call her Larry) is a prime example of the failure of obama hillaries

#perniciousbastard - pernicious bastard warning #perniciousbastardwarning

Occasionally I like to explain my position for new readers.

I have overwhelmingly made the case for not being polite to scum. That includes black scum.

'obama' (lower case 'o' is the new 'n-word' - have them scrape that one off the internet.

'hillary' (lower case 'h' is the new word for 'cunt'

So to call Lori Lightfoot in Chicago an 'obama hillary' would be to call her a 'n___er cunt'

And no other title is fitting

Black people and women in general do not care about optics. This is a problem because all of politics is optics. They just completely ignore the people they do not like. It woked for obama hillary Kim Foxx and it is working for obama hillary Lori (I call her Larry) Lightfoot.

With over 8K comments, the people are finally speaking up, but Larry Lightfoot is not listening...


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