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Chicago, IL - Blue State Black Trash and White Supremacy - Burn Baby Burn

Question: Why is Bob O'Dekirk still mayor of Joliet, IL after this video was captured and viewed more than 500K times on Twitter?

Answer: Because of black trash and white supremacy.

What do I see in this video? I see a white mayor grab an unarmed black protester, drag him and then slam him to the ground. That is what I see here.

So in this political environment when you can be fired from your job for being the mother-in-law of a cop who was involved in an 'incident' with a black victim, how is Bob O'Dekirk still the mayor of Joliet, IL?

Was somebody paid off? Because we all know that it is black leaders in the community who either 'lead the charge' or 'quell the violence.'

The black trash in this video answers those questions pretty clearly to me:

  1. O'Dekirk does not even apologize. 2. The really low IQ black individuals making statements in favor of the mayor are clearly uncle toms.

See, the white man pretends to extend a position of some kind to dumb blacks. Dumb, so that they can control them. These blacks are clearly not that smart. Some of them appear to have never read a statement from a piece of paper before.

How in the fuck in this political environment has this guy not a victim of the same crap that other white people are a victim of every day?

#BlackLivesMatter does not matter in Joliet.

The first black idiot that speaks - I don't know his name because the simple setup of a basic audio video broadcast is apparently too much for these shit for brains...

"I don't want to see the mayor accused of something he did not do."


This is an example of the gross incompetence that permeates every aspect of everything in the state of Illinois. It is a miracle that these assholes can tie their own shoes.

Black jackass number 2: "...what we need to do to reconcile this." $$$$$$$$$

Side Note: How would you like me to give up a black criminal defense attorney currently practicing in WILL COUNTY, IL, who makes deals with cops to incriminate his clients? NOT A PUBLIC DEFENDER.

Would that be worth it to you #BlackLivesMatter ? Remove O'Dekirk

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