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#CHICAGO - Guy who did nothing wrong charged with gun crime while criminals go free

Based on this story it does not appear that the mayor, the judge or the prosecutor know 'the law' in Cook County, Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago mayor gets tough on crime that has not happened yet and speculates the worst while ignoring the crime that is actually taking place:

Mayor says housekeeper “likely prevented a tragedy” by reporting two-gun “arsenal” in Streeterville hotel room_CWBCHICAGO

But then there is this: 4 men, 4 guns, a 50-round ammo magazine, but only 1 felony charge from prosecutors? That’s Chicago.

4 men, 4 guns, a 50-round ammo magazine, but only 1 felony charge from prosecutors? That’s Chicago_CWBCHICAGO

The race of the man in the first story, who did nothing, but was suspicious, appears to be non-African American. The race of the subjects in the second story who brandished weapons outside a housing complex (definitely a crime) is not mentioned which by default means African American.

“I understand…that you have permission to possess the firearms in the state of Iowa. However, clearly, we’re not in Iowa,” Judge David Navarro said during Casteel’s bond court appearance.'

Guy in the story above - What is even more confusing about this is that Iowa has reciprocity with Illinois. Meaning, according to the USCCA website, unless I am reading this wrong, the guy has the ability to carry in Illinois without a permit as long as he has an Iowa driver's license and is legally allowed to carry a gun there.

Yes - Illinois recognizes the visiting state's firearm laws for Iowa. Meaning that the laws are actually more lenient for travelers than the residents of Illinois when it comes to possessing firearms legally in Illinois.

Link to IOWA reciprocity map at USCCA

From the article:

The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force met with Casteel, but no federal charges were filed. His only criminal background involves two misdemeanor convictions for operating a vehicle while intoxicated — in 2010 and again in 2012, Burkhardt said.

Burkhardt did not suggest that Casteel had plans to use the weapons, but that didn’t stop Brown and Lightfoot from making strong suggestions.

Lightfoot claimed Casteel came to Chicago “with an arsenal, an AR-15…Thank God for that hotel worker who saw something and said something, and I believe averted disaster.”

In fact, the rifle police recovered was a .308 caliber, not an AR-15, according to Burkhardt.

Now, I believe that it is a felony to have a laser sight on a firearm in Cook County (Chicago). However, that is not even mentioned among that charges of unlawful possession.

The rifle was equipped with a “high power laser sight,” according to Burkhardt. I believe they mean 'high powered scope' even though there appears to be a laser sight on the weapon in the picture. Apparently, the prosecutor does not understand the difference either - Assistant State’s Attorney Brian Burkhardt said the rifle did not have a visible serial number, but he did not say that the serial number had been removed.


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