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CDC abolishes masks - Leftists even more depressed than when gay marriage became legal

Updated: May 15

"They are happiest when they are bitching," my father's generation used to say. He was right. He was talking about women though - you know, women; the white women in the suburbs whose lives were destroyed by Donald Trump even though they cannot tell you why.

Gays were never more depressed than they were after gay marriage became legal in the United States under Obama - Why? Nothing left to bitch about. It was literally not a full 24 hours after gay marriage was legalized nationally that I heard on NPR about the existential crisis of discrimination against transgender people. NOTE: I had never heard about it all all before then. It literally went from NOTHING to an EXISTENTIAL CRISIS overnight.

That is right - the proverbial ink on the document legalizing gay marriage was not even dry before the Left invented a new crisis out of thin air to re-victimize themselves and start a whole new war. Why? I do not know. I wish they could find some sort of non-destructive hobby besides bitching to occupy their time.

JUST IN: CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Don’t Have to Wear Face Masks Indoors (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

'It is unclear how businesses are going to differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.' The whole thing was a lie - businesses, lives destroyed, for what? So now you are an asshole if you DO wear a mask? By these standards, masks now indicate you HAVE NOT been vaccinated. See how they flipped this around that quickly?

There is MAJOR depression setting in among the maskholes who get off on telling random strangers what to do and who feel righteous walking around with a diaper on their faces while 'resisting,' whatever that means. The only thing they have been resisting is common sense and these are the same assholes who support your kids being brainwashed in schools, by the way.

Cancel culture is asshole culture. Joe Biden an Kamala Harris are incompetent bullies and have tasked themselves with destroying all the good that Trump did as quickly as possible. It is a lot easier to tear it down than to build it up. Pipeline ransomware, inflation, WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT? At least you won't have to wear a mask when it does. Or at least, until they make up some excuse to tell you to put it back on - for no reason whatsoever.

“You Can Pry My Mask Off My Cold, Dead Face” – Covid Cultists Go Berserk After CDC Updates Mask Guidance, Big Box Retailers Drop Mask Mandates_GATEWAYPUNDIT


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