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Can we expect honest news reporting from black journalists?

Did police murder a black 3-month-old baby or did his murderous black father use him as a human shield while shooting at police?

NY Post and 'The Black News Channel' both covered the same story in very different ways.

Father used infant son as human shield in shootout with cops - NY POST


Double-homicide suspect and three-month-old baby killed by police in Mississippi - Black News Channel

The BNC would have you believe that the suspect was shot as he was exiting his vehicle and not using the child as a human shield as reported by the NY Post. The video that goes along with the 'proof' provided by BNC shows nothing of the crime or the shooting. It is completely useless.

Suzette Bond, a woman who witnessed the shooting and recorded video, told WWL-TV that the police could have gotten the baby out of the car. “They had plenty of opportunity to turn around and surround him and get that baby out of the car without opening fire,” she said.


NY Post - Eric Derell Smith, 30, allegedly kidnapped 4-month-old La’Mello Parker on Monday after police say he fatally shot his ex-girlfriend, Christin Parker, 32, and her 26-year-old nephew, Brandon Parker, near Baker, Louisiana, WALA reported.

Smith was later spotted on Interstate 10 near the Louisiana-Mississippi state line, setting off a police chase that ended in Harrison County with him using his biological son as a human shield from officers’ gunfire, a law enforcement source told the station.


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