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Calvin enables bluetooth to download tracking software and gets sued into oblivion


Start from Cambridge Analytica and go backward...

They can use all of that data in 'reverse' too. And they are doing it.

What 'areas of opportunity' are considered means different things to different people now and 'bad actors' may have been able to exploit your kindness and violate your weakness because you ended up in a Salesforce file, that was hacked during the SolarWinds data breach that used to house the information of all of the donors and individual citizen information from everyone on Donald Trump's mailing list. J.

If you went to a rally, you are on that list - "Geo-location' data is now perceived differently.

All of that garbage that they kept telling you not to worry about because it was only 'meta-data' has been used as an excuse to continue to amass tiny little bits of data about you one fraction of a kilobyte at a time.

Well, if you were in proximity to anyone who was in proximity to anyone who ever went to a Trump Rally, you may be a 'yet to be identified' unknown conspirator in the January 6th rally to preserve election integrity.

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