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Bruce Jenner - Using clowns to fight clowns legitimizes the clown show.

"A transgendger person should not be running for political office in the Republican Party." said Charlie Kirk - just now on his podcast (4/23/2021) and I agree totally with him.

Making a mockery of the Republican Party will ensure constituents do not go to the polls in 2022

'Serious Republican candidate' brings identity politics to the GOP.

Bruce announced that he will run for Gavin Newsom's spot in the CA recall election.

Bruce Jenner is not a serious person. Voting for GOP clowns to oppose the Dem clowns is just promoting the clown show. Some idiot adviser to the GOP is suggesting that diversifying the GOP is the way to fight the fools on the Left. This will not work.

Fools in politics mirror the fools in the MSM newscorp. Joy Reid, Juan Williams and the other highly paid talking heads seem to make more money talking trash and telling lies rather than telling the truth - from a position of 'real-life' news broadcasting. Fighting clowns with clowns legitimizes the clown show.

Bruce Jenner - voting for GOP clowns to oppose the Dem clowns is just promoting the clown show


One caveat is that the Left is immune to their own hypocrisy - Tara Reade/Joe Biden/#MeToo - They call Candace Owens, Larry Elder racist and Ben Shapiro an anti-semite.

BLM is very much about the 'trans' movement for some reason. This will not jive and they will be forced to deal with more hypocrisy (that they are immune to) - but people like Lester Holt are already pushing the 'we don't need to hear from both sides' narrative which will further distance us from the possibility of actually having intelligent conversations and debates about anything.

It is already impossible to debate the Left because the information only flows one way in the conversation. They reject facts, data and other scholarly sources on all topics and resort to attacking their opponents. There is not debating.

This is how Kamala Harris avoided debating Mike Pence during the VP debate when she could not out-debate him:

We are way past the time when an intelligent conversation about race or any other important topic is even possible. This is not a professional level of decorum practiced by serious people.

The Bill Barr hearing from the summer of 2020:

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