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BLM - You cannot rely on people to search for the content of your character

Let's be honest - the intelligent conversation about race is going to have to call into question the content of your character, which is expressed by your behavior.

Your behavior is just something that we are not allowed to talk about. Of course, you have already connected your movement to the Department of Education which reinforces the idea that discussing the 'root cause of disparity' assumes that white people are all racist.

This is very convenient for your movement, but less so for the people whose names you represent in vain when you do not address the 'root causes' of black deaths caused by other black people.

You are merely profiting off of mayhem.

You have not produced even one positive outcome for the 'black community' you claim to represent with the $10.6 Billion dollars that you have raised. That is your reparations.

And out of that money should go to rebuild the socioeconomic infrastructure that you destroyed during the year 2020 and up to the current.

Is Soros paying 'slave wages' these days?

How much do you people make for a living? Where do you come from? All I ever hear about is Trump supporters being added to 'no-fly lists,' but paid, dispatched activists still seem to show up at the right place at the right time and that effort seems to coincide with the 'Ben Crump Show.' Staged theater. Voter intimidation does not have to be in an election year. Jury intimidation.

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