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BLAMTIFA - BLM and ANTIFA are birds of the same feather

Updated: May 13

ESPN round table discussion about having a fall guy for professional athletes:

Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter has issued an apology for telling NFL rookies at a league symposium in 2014 that they should “get a fall guy” to help them avoid trouble. Carter posted his apology on Twitter after an ESPN article drew attention to the remarks he made during a presentation last year. He told a group of rookies from NFC teams in the session that if any of them were to get into trouble off the field, it was important to have someone who would step forward and take the blame. The NFL had video of the talk on its website for a year, but it was pulled after it came to light on Sunday night.

BLM has become a PAC (Political Action Committee) - an organization that raises money privately to influence elections or legislation, especially at the federal level.

Corporate donors lobby to BLM - an organization that seems to operate with the same impunity as Hunter Biden. Laws do not apply to them. Both criminal law and financial law. They fund raise on madness and avoid all scrutiny of financial reporting required of every other organization on the planet.

We hear a lot about 'big corporations' not paying their fair share, but BLM has amassed a $10.6 Billion dollar war chest and they have avoided all financial reporting required of an organization that size and have not paid any taxes.

BLM is the black supremacist militia of the Executive Branch. They use the assistance of the the local police and the military as their personal security as they openly practice voter intimidation, jury intimidation and carry out social attacks against private citizens who they have deemed to be their political opponents.

BLM has the support of Kamala Harris who has referred to them as a "necessary agent for change." The political Left-wing also receives 'in-kind' donations and support from ANTIFA. redirects to

Antifa is funded by George Soros who sends his team out to be the 'fall guy' for BLM.

Again, the privilege enjoyed by Antifa goes all the way up to the federal level. And all while the feds repurpose the three letter agencies to look for domestic terrorists in the form of 'white supremacist militias' which do not seem to exist.

The new directive of the government and the agencies assigned to it regularly allow for violations of the rights of regular citizens in search of Jussie Smollett's attackers wearing red MAGA hats.

Searching high and low for white supremacists:

Alaska couple says FBI raided their home with guns drawn, interrogated them in search for Pelosi's laptop_BLAZE

FBI mistakes Albany man for pipe bomb suspect from Capitol riot_LAURAINGRAHAM

Capitol Rally Attendee Says FBI Interviewed Her About Jan. 6 Tweets; Were Embarrassed About Having to Investigate ‘Stupid’ Tips_AMGREATNESS

They are going to do this to the wrong guy one day, like this guy in Louisville, KY, and they are going to be met with force.

But the charade continues as elected leaders pretend to not know who the real perpetrators are even after they announced themselves and their motives over the course of one straight year of rioting looting and destruction:

Antifa Terrorists Issue Direct Physical Threat To Portland Mayor: Resign Or Else….

Democrat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler ‘Done’ With ‘Anarchist Mob,’ Asks Public To Help ‘Unmask’ Rioters

They have clearly announced themselves, revealing who they are, but the gaslighting and cognitive dissonance continues.

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