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Black Women Prosecutors - Soros Funded Failures and Subversive Identity Politicians

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

The pattern is this: Soros funds the campaign of an incompetent black woman. You can't criticize them because 1 - she is black, how dare you, and 2 - she is incompetent.

Now, the 2nd one (incompetence) is your fault. You have been pretending that they are equal for quite some time. Politeness, deference is how we arrived here.

One only chooses to be an identity politician when they cannot compete based on merit. This is how you know that even they know that they are substandard in this arena.

You know what you call a smart black person? A Republican.

The Dems use the dumb black ones as human shields. They need them to be dumb so that they can control them. They don't know what to do so they tell them what to do and if they don't do what they are told, they fail miserably. Either way, mission accomplished.

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is an epic disaster. I cannot say it enough and neither can nightly national news.

Kim Foxx, the prosecutor in Chicago and Kim Gardner, the prosecutor in St. Louis have more than that in common. What we are experiencing right now in this country is a much larger version of a game they have already been playing.

All over the country George Soros has funded the campaigns of these unintelligent grossly incompetent black women who have no concern for optics, consistency and have no moral compass whatsoever and who also seem to be walking around with a license to practice law via the same method that Lori Loughlin's daughter was getting into college. It would shock me if any of them could legally pass a bar exam without cheating.

Nationally, we are being gaslighted in the same way that the press has been gaslighting people with the false narrative that black female prosecutors are being unfairly criticized. Well, the truth is that people are saying, "I don't think so" with regard to NOT prosecuting crime and coming up with bogus ways to invent false crimes against white people.

Now this is based on a couple of things - the false narrative that got them into their positions and the lie that we are now forced to believe that has been legitimized by me you and everyone else for letting them get away with it in the first place. So, now, they are out to settle a score based on a false narrative. You can't walk it back, because they got into the door based on the false narrative and you already let them get away with it.

'Black people have been the victims of systemic white racism.' That is the false narrative that these people ran on. So now, that they are in charge, they are getting away with 'settling the score' because you were too polite to call them out for lying in the first place.

Kim Foxx stopped prosecuting crime. She has also been over-charging white people and her office has even been caught withholding exculpatory evidence for crimes that they made up. The obvious layers of stupidity of black women in positions of leadership are highlighted with the wrongful prosecution of a man in Chicago named Jim Van Buskirk. If you are going to falsely charge someone with a crime, don't let it be a crime that there is exculpatory evidence for. The gross incompetence in the entire state of Illinois is frightening. This is why they can't ever solve any crimes. They don't even know how to invent false ones without getting caught. But no matter - NOBODY IS EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE. THIS IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL.

Kim Gardener stopped prosecuting crime. She has also been threatening and over-charging white people.

This is how it starts. They threaten your first amendment rights - they threaten to charge you with a hate crime for criticizing them or even questioning what they are doing.

Quick recap, you take a dumb, black human shield and put it out front and they invent new crimes that you can be charged with if you exercise your rights under the constitution. I did a short video about this concept. In order to decriminalize crime, you have to criminalize legal activity, namely your first amendment rights, in order to get away with it. This is what modern day RACISM is. Even if you didn't do anything, if you question me in any way, or if you do not just bow down to me and do whatever I say, you are racist.

There are links to several articles below outlining the subversive pattern of their behavior.

CHICAGO’S Kim Foxx – criminal in the prosecutor’s office?

Kim Gardner – another black criminal in the prosecutor’s office?

THE MARSHALL PROJECT: Facing Intimidation, Black Women Prosecutors Say: “Enough”

Gaslighting Society – Chicago

And, of course, this also ties into policing...

What is ‘bias training’ for police officers?

Because then police have to be racist too in order for this to work. The laws are racist, the 'system' is racist = systemic racism. Any time you remove merit from the equation, you insert 'racism' and that fills the gap.

For years we talked about this 'disparity gap' and with every 'snapshot' (remember that leftist qualifier) we ignored inputs and only looked at outcomes.

Why shouldn't Dontrell have a big house and a nice car like Donald? Well, because Donald worked his ass off and Dontrell is a crack head, for starters.

But then in comes an Obama Blackademic who invents something called the social construct of the white male. Every other race has been able to figure it out.

They replaced 'merit' with 'racism' and 'bad behavior' with 'inherent white bias'

In other words, any deficiency they have turns into some kind of hate crime.

This is Ferguson Effect plus Starbucks Effect = Tyranny which is power without responsibility

Ferguson Effect is when police ignore crime because they will be punished.

Starbucks Effect is when civilians ignore crime because they will be punished.

Even observing a black doing something is a crime of some kind. It is your inherent bias.

Example: you witness a black guy looting and rioting and you don't call it peaceful protesting, you lose your job. Not for me obama.

This is the life cycle of racism. I repeat this in several of my posts:

Groups like Black Lives Matter have basically come full circle starting with (12:00) – we just want a seat at the table to (12:15) – we just want equal representation (12:30) – now we are going to flip over that table (12:45) – now we are going to do away with the Constitution (1:00) – now we are going to dominate you.

‘Poster Child Of Rogue Prosecutors’: Jodey Arrington, 16 House Republicans Call On Barr To Investigate Kim Gardner_DAILYCALLER

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