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Identity Politicians funded by Soros in Congress and the office of the Prosecutor are the ENEMY

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Black people have a problem with behavior. Black people have a problem with optics. Black people have been groomed by the Dems over the last 155 years to become a tool of the Democrat party by establishing a baseline of gross incompetence with the intention of weaponizing ignorance and stupidity.

You know what you call a smart black person? A Republican. When I speak about the Republican Party here, I speak in terms of the individual's opposition to the Democrat party. The Republican Party itself has been deeply disappointing and has recently proven itself to be useless with regard to all matters - I have many issues with the GOP and party affiliation 'in name only' means nothing. It is behavior that establishes accountability. I also welcome the Libertarians and even the 'Independents' as long as they oppose the Left. The Independents I have spoken with have been the most disappointing of all. They believe that only THEY should be allowed to have independent thought instead of what I presume to be the purpose of aligning with an independent party which is that others also get to have their own independent thought within the same boundaries. This seems to escape the independent narcissists that I have spoken with.

The ideology that built America has served its purpose and the time in the plan has come for the Great American Experiment to be taken over by its real creators - those who also promoted and used an ideology for a purpose - to build a great nation based on an ideology developed and promoted by the Holy Bible.

This attack on America is also an attack on the foundation of the ideology that inspired liberty and freedom - The Bible. Faith is free. Faith can be held by anyone. Faith is what gives those who feel hopeless and despair the strength to go on. Faith is being stripped away by those promoting Leftism which eventually leads to apathy resulting from the constant tyranny all around us that keeps asserting that 'good' people are 'bad' and 'bad' people are 'good.'

Christianity is the baseline for Conservatism and climate change is the baseline for Leftism. Cults recruit members based on this practice. They get your buy-in based on some bogus belief and then they use that on which to build justifications for other bogus beliefs and then use circular logic and reasoning (which is not sound) to justify their propaganda. They get you to believe one and then the rest are easy. The break people down based on their own inherent feelings of inferiority and trhen build them back up in thier image to advance thier will which they imposed upon you.

Climate change, the premise of identity politics, conflating opportunity with outcomes.

Those in charge are proving this by way of what they call 'social justice' which is the premise by which criminals are let out of prison and those who do not tow the Leftist line are imprisoned mainly for exercising their constitutional right to free speech.

All of the destruction that the Left has accomplished has been achieved by criminalizing free speech.

What is the most illegal of all words in the entire country? The 'n-word' - Why? Because it describes what something is and when you take away the word, you take away what it means and then you take away what it is. Then, in steps an architect of subversive psychology with regard to language, Noam Chomsky, who teaches the subversive actors to distort language by swapping out words and then replacing them with other words. For example, the 'n-word' has been replaced with your inherent bias - so when you see one of these black Democrat prosecutors or members of Congress funded by George Soros acting like a savage with regard to he duties of the office they hold, they are not acting like an 'n-word' they are acting like 'your inherent bias.' The elimination of free speech and the acceptance of identity politics has allowed them to make it crime for you to criticize them. That is the crux of where the turning point occurs and the Overton Window has been separated from common sense and reality and this has been achieved by corrupting the language of society.

Liberty and freedom and the building blocks of what allowed for and contributed to the ideology of what made America great came from an assimilation with a moral compass established in the Holy Bible. Faith, attitude, rules of virtue promoted exceptionalism and now the 'apathy' that is taking place is stripping all of that away from the builders so that the Leftists can seize and take over America to 'reimagine' it in their own image which excludes the builders - The Americans.

The Left lies and makes accusations to cover up (deflect) from having to answer... because they have no answer for anything. They just run out the clock.

The Democrats know that they can not win a debate against a Republican on any of the issues so they 'make up' issues on which to establish a platform of identity politics - all topics being the result of Leftist ideology preying on their constituents' feelings of inferiority and promoting these feelings through over socialization which they have cultivated over decades with their political policies that work against the individual's ability to be self sufficient and therefore responsible for and the benefactor of their own devices.

Hillary did this in the 2016 election. Example: 'Let's spend the first 10 minutes of an 'on air' Presidential debate discussing the false accusations against Donald Trump that Hillary Clinton herself orchestrated and planned ahead of time with the intention of coinciding with the debate. Dems create problems, point to the problem they created and then blame the problem on their opponent - because they have groomed a constituency of idiots, this works.

Start a fire, pivot, blame it on the other guy. Repeat the process by starting bigger fires to take away from the previous fires until the whole playing field is scorched earth and now government has to intervene because government is the only business that can run at a deficit in perpetuity. Under their rule, government becomes your parents and America becomes your parent's basement. This appeals to their constituents.

Ignorant immigrants are the friend of the Left because not assimilating with traditional American values allows them to fall into a 'default' mode of preserving the political values of the shithole from which they came. This promotes the ideological cancer that has ravaged the American political system.

The Dems coddle, they cultivate, they aid and abet bad actors (some of them illegal by definition) subversive to the traditional American values of this country to undermine it from the polls. They do this by misinforming voters and lying to them through the MSM they control on television and in online print publications. They also change the rules of the game once they are in charge as to never allow anyone else to ever participate.

The Republican Party does nothing to stop this - it is my assertion that this leads the common observer to believe that at the top, the two parties merge into one.

Democrat controlled cities and towns are literally the most dangerous places in the country because the entire government in those places is controlled by the will of one person - not a constitution, not a set of laws, but by the opinions of the office of the prosecutor.

These offices in the worst places in the country are occupied by black Democrats funded by George Soros. Soros has been grooming identity politicians since the late 80s by funding 'debate teams' in inner city schools that teach students to infiltrate a system of language and communication and to subvert that system from within by teaching students to practice identity politics which includes - accusing your opponent of being racist when you cannot win based on merit, or in other words, when you cannot win based on following the rules of the game. This is also known as cheating. Attack the system that is made up of criteria and rules by which the black debater to comply with

This psychology has been propagated throughout schools for decades. First it was - dumb kids are smart too and then it became - it is OK to cheat. I literally heard a guest on Fox News do a linguistic somersault claiming that stupid kids are a valued asset to an academic institution by way of something he called 'academic diversity.' I have never heard of such nonsense before this.

Just so you know, they make these people doctors and lawyers and politicians and prosecutors - who control the entire legal system at your local level. They tell the police to help you or not to help you like they are doing in Democrat run blue states and cities.

There are many examples of the criminals being treated like the victims and the victims being treated by the criminals because the office of the prosecutor is occupied by a friend of the criminals, or the prosecutor is themselves a criminal.

White male Democrats are the most despicable people on the planet. They are the only species on earth who thinks that they should not be allowed to survive and propagate because they have promoted the assertion that they are the cause of all the world's problems.

They then allow for the promotion and insertion of the army of black Democrat drones manufactured by Soros to invade the system and carry out the dirtiest of the dirty work - lowering the bar through he floor and establishing a 'new normal' that cannot be criticized because these 'drones' are cloaked in a shield of identity politics.

People are never going to be inspired to invent things like Netflix - a company for which George Soros is now a majority shareholder - when every time a person does something good and is rewarded for it they are told that they are a piece of garbage and that the lowliest idiot on the planet is just as good as they are so they have to give half of what they have to that person because we are all equal.

Defending this country and its Constitution - DEFENDING THE USA - is illegal now.

The Left judges people based on how they look. They Right judges people based on how they act. This is why the Left choose the black community to be the Trojan horse for Leftism.

Non-white male Conservative judges should not be allowed on the bench. They believe that justice is relative and agree with the false premise of identity politics which demonstrates their inability to be objective which is to exercise equal application of and equal justice under the law.

The immaturity of the Left and their childlike behavior has developed several subversive social constructs with regard to language - 'opinions' conflated with 'my truth' by way of 'you are valid, therefore your feelings are valid, therefore your opinions are valid, therefore you opinions are truth' by inserting the phase 'I feel like' where the phrase 'it seems as if' used to reside.

They introduce these words and phrases through ads and the like with the constant repetition of, for example, words like 'unnerving' and phrases such as 'I feel like' as well as other catch phrases which seem to permeate society fully and quickly and result in a manipulation of behavior through the misuse of langue. 'I feel like' literally recuses you from making libelous statements because you are attributing the words to a feeling instead of an assertion which should really be called an opinion. It happens quickly and the Left is constantly changing and burning the bridges they span to achieve these objectives for the more moves one makes away from the former, the more tradition is lost in the transition and the more quickly the identity of the individual becomes obsolete.

‘Poster Child Of Rogue Prosecutors’: Jodey Arrington, 16 House Republicans Call On Barr To Investigate Kim Gardner_DAILYCALLER

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