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Biden's First Press Conference - Someone should tell him about it.

Updated: Apr 5

Jen Psaki must have lied when she said Biden is looking forward to speaking with the press during a briefing earlier this week.

Fox News headline story with title 'Biden to hold first formal news conference after unprecedented delay; here are questions he'll face' - When I clicked on the article, the title became, 'Biden’s first press conference: Here are some of the hot-button questions he could face.' Fox News has resorted to lies and clickbait as, of course, 'the questions HE COULD face' is much different that 'the questions we all know he got ahead of time' which almost accidentally became the story. The truth... This is why Big Tech/Big Media are going after the Babylon Bee. Hilarious. Not really.

Pretend news organization Fox News seemed to ignore reports from their own Peter Doocy - “Somebody shouted out to Biden ‘how are you getting ready for your press conference’ and he said: ‘what press conference?’” Doocy reported.

That seems like a real story, which is why I had to find out about it from Gateway Pundit, not Fox News.


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