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Becoming more difficult to 'back the blue'

Updated: May 10

Don't buy in to the 'Stockholm syndrome' effect - re-purposing police to focus on 'white supremacy' while decriminalizing crime has re-imagined the rule of law to prosecute ideology instead of crime.

The 65-year-old woman in Texas who was ‘brought down’ by a police officer inside of her bank for not wearing a mask is an example of the BLM effect. The mask mandates have all been lifted in Texas. The individual businesses, like that bank, are allowed to make their own rules. There is a difference between a rule and a law and this is a rule. Rules do not fall under the jurisdiction of law enforcement. Therefore, a police officer should never have been involved with this dispute in the first place, let alone react the way he did.

I can make it a rule that you must take off your shoes when you enter my home, but I cannot call the police to enforce that rule if you do not comply. Get it?

Cops are constantly being told that they are garbage. This is reinforced during bias training. Cops tolerate ill treatment from actual criminals and society. The pent-up aggression and hostility resulting from this explodes onto an undeserving target when the cop finds an outlet for the rage who does not fit the profile of black privilege - like a 65-year-old white woman.

You can hear it in the cop’s voice. “You don’t want to do that.” He probably imagined saying that to black suspects hundreds of times. And now all of that abuse and humiliation cops are forced to deal with is released onto white people not wearing masks. What exactly are cops being told during bias training?

Turning the military against the people was frowned upon during the summer of 2020 as law enforcement stood by and watched BLM destroy cities across America. The Left now has no problem turning the military and the police against the people - the white people who supported Trump. The ‘woke’ members of law enforcement and the military who were handed badges and guns, like the black Capitol police officer who murdered Ashli Babbit, are being protected from scrutiny in the media.

You cannot have a false narrative pushed at every angle without realizing the effects on society. The DOJ is now focused on ‘white supremacy.’ This is after recruiting a bunch of non-white males who show solidarity with BLM to protect black officers who murder innocent unarmed white women and who are now still looking for Jussie Smollett’s attacker wearing a red MAGA hat. Not the guy who planted the bombs around the Capitol building on Jan 6th. I guess we know he is either: 1. not white, or 2. not a concern because he was sent there as part of the operation.

The focus is STILL on rounding up as many Trump supporters who were at or near the Capitol building on Jan 6th while ignoring the continued destruction of public and private property around the country by BLM.

Do you still feel like you should back the blue? Now that they are tasked with and are being mentally repurposed to come after you?


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