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"Because I said so," How deep blue identity politicians erased your life in Chicago

First of all, on behalf of Lori Lightfoot, self described "triple threat" mayor of Chicago, I would like to say "thank you" for your full cooperation while her city and so many other blues cities like it have completely destroyed your lives.

Thank you for not standing up for yourselves, which would have been racist.

And a special shout out to Cook County Prosecutor Kim Foxx, who has repeatedly demonstrated a dereliction of duty while undermining the purpose of the office she holds.

And last but not least, let me put on full display my complete and total contempt for not only the courts throughout the entire state of Illinois, but especially for Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Timothy Evans, who has completed the closed circuit network of gaslighting by repeatedly expressing that there have been no negative consequences to "affordable bail" programs throughout Chicago - while the examples proving that this is not true at all pile up to the ceiling.

List of things you agree to willingly as a taxpaying resident of Illinois:

"Because I said so," is an acceptable answer to you when you ask about which normal legal functions of your daily life you are not allowed to partake in such as going to work, opening your business or traveling throughout state and for what purpose.

"Because I said so," is an acceptable answer to you when you are told you cannot attend church services. This is from the same state that allows people to gather in protest by walking out into the middle of roadways and highways during rush hour to 'disrupt' your daily commute... the purposes for which are often vague and realistically intend to do nothing more than complicate an already treacherous commute to and from anywhere within the city. These protests took place before the authoritarian response to the fake dangers of something called COVID19 were known, but still.

"Because I said so," is an acceptable answer to you when you ask why you are being treated like a child.

"Because I said so," is an acceptable response to you when you are told that Coronavirus is racist by Chicago's mayor Lori Lightfoot and Oprah.

...In the same way that communities of color are affected by crime because of racist laws.

Racist viruses, racist laws. The virus is racist, so if you protest the lockdown, then you are a racist. Get it? You are endangering the communities most affected by the racist virus. However, criminal enterprise (undocumented business) has been unofficially deemed essential and crime is actually up. Law enforcement is bureaucratic red tape to a criminal. And you just have to let them do it... has been the mantra of the political machine who 1) lets them out of jail and then does not prosecute them for looting your business, which you are not allowed to operate because you might make the criminals sick with coronavirus. 2) calls not prosecuting crime criminal justice reform and calls you not being allowed to go to work or operate your business a danger to the community.

Is anything that I have said here incorrect? It really seems like it should be. It really seems like this should be chalked up as the rantings of a madman. Yet, this is all what you, the taxpaying legal resident of Illinois not only agree to, but pay for and vote for.

"Because I said so." You asked for it.

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