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AZ is open for business #Phoenix #Arizona

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Every day that you let your business stay closed you are letting the government destroy it. DO NOT WAIT FOR THEIR PERMISSION TO REOPEN.

If you are on the political Right, you have been dealing with non-stop abuse for the last 4 years. The tolerant Right will not continue to tolerate this complete violation of our freedom and liberty, and the ability to take care of ourselves.

Incentivizing people to NOT work - Think about this. This is the most subversive thing to small business that I have ever seen. Compare this to what evil Amazon did when they undercut the prices of their seller accounts. Example:

Sally's widget store sells a widget on Sally's website for $100. Sally sells the same item on Amazon for $100. She makes less money because Amazon takes a cut but Amazon dominates retail and if you sell anything, you have to sell it on Amazon.

THEN, Amazon says, we are going to offer a 10% discount on your product and eat the cost... AMAZON now literally sells Sally's widgets for $90 and picks up the other $10. Why? They are literally pulling Sally's customers away from Sally's website and turning them into Amazon customers... They undercut Sally on her own product! They typically do this during the holidays. This is how you create a monopoly. People who understand how pricing is controlled understand MAP pricing...

The above scenario is essentially what the government is doing to small business in this country right now. They are paying employees more to NOT work.

Any businesses out there in the #Phoenix#Arizona area want to 'open privately' for cash paying #Patriots let me know. People who assimilate with traditional American values and proper hygiene of course. People going to work need oil changes for their automobiles and haircuts. Please help. Thanks. E-mail:

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