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Art of The Steal - Coronavirus Lockdown and Your Small Business

Coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions on small businesses, namely restaurants, is a formula that the government has used in the past to seize control over large corporations.

The Obama Admin did this to the education industry. The education industry is a business. After they smash it with a hammer of restrictions, they take control of the pieces and rebuild it (build back better) for themselves by either relaxing restrictions or not enforcing them. It is theirs now and the rules do not apply to them.

Using the coronavirus as an excuse to smash the Trump economy, rig the election by using coronavirus as an excuse to implement vote by mail and finally to attack the service industry - your small business. Why you ask?

The government cannot control people who do not rely on them. The service industry is huge and many people in the US work in the service industry for businesses largely owned by private entities. This is why big box stores and friends of politicians can remain unaffected.

So what happens? Right now small business owners, namely restaurants, have to realize that they are staying open merely betting that the restrictions are going to end soon. They know that operating at a 25% capacity is not close to breaking even. They are experiencing a 'slow bleed' if you will. For some of them, they just don't know what else to do. However, they have to know that this cannot continue for much longer.

They are a part of the great reset. Again, when the government wants to take control of an entity, they force upon that entity restrictions that they know their target, in this case small businesses, cannot comply with.

They intend to use the coronavirus to implement the great reset. They are all ready admitting it with slogans like 'build back better.' They are not planning on saving it. They are planning on implementing their vision of reimagining a more equitable society.

They don't want you to succeed. It does not matter if you fight back. They will continue turning the screws until you are done. And then if you decide to build back again, you will have to wait in line, despite your previous success, alongside people who have never done what you did before, but who are equally as deserving as you. After all, you failed and that person who did nothing in their life, they are just as good as you.

The great reset, build back better and reimagining a more equitable society are all synonyms for socialism. Now you are here.

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