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Are you kidding me Chicago? The Windy City has not been very kind to children lately

This first one was in Illinois, not in the city of Chicago, but only in Illinois:


Two-Year-Old Cancer Patient Misses Birthday Celebration Due To Chicago Looters Targeting Ronald McDonald House

Remember, we have black people as members of Congress now who do not denounce this.

NORTH CAROLINA - NC Man Shot 5-Year-Old Neighbor Cannon Hinnant in the Head at Point-Blank Range

And nobody is burning anything down over this, by the way.

Chicago: 10-year-old robbed:

Man freed in jail’s mass COVID release is charged with robbing 10-year-old boy at Union Station

And this is while mayor Lightfoot is still pretending that her city is not under siege and after her most recent comment to the MSM was that most of the protests were peaceful.

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