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Are you a 'masker' or an 'anti-masker' ...? This is where you stand politically

Updated: May 4

Anti-masker, anti-racist - the Left is all about things they can take away from you. But not for their constituents. They all benefit from it.

For the love of GOD, will the GOP pick an issue and at least pretend to try and deal with it. It is clear that you literally can't really do anything. Both chambers of Congress belonged to you in 2016 and you didn't do anything with that either. 'Diplomacy' and 'slippery slopes' kept you awake at night. Now you are here.

Now you are here and you think people are just going to rush to the polls because Kamala Harris will probably be POTUS by the time the 2022 mid-terms roll around. The Left, the new form of government that is establishing itself, only has to avoid 1 slippery slope. You have to avoid 5: Filibuster, Packing the courts, H.R. 1, D.C. as a state, 'other' voter registration law, or Kamala Harris can just sign an Executive Order.

They have lit (or is it 'have lighted') every match in the matchbook all at the same time.

Why is Tim Scott running on the platform of 'diversifying the GOP'? Everything has been racialized and now the GOP thinks that it is going to just piss on the flames instead of calling the fire department. And the RINOS who are running to take their spots - the problem with old white Republican men in Congress; they didn't bring enough up and comers with them and now they are resorting to appeasing the Left with their own advertised acceptance of identitarian politics. Clever little bastards.

All of that data that 'team Trump' had from Cambridge Analytica is under the purview of someone who can feed that information to the Left and then they can weaponize all of those little data points pushing you closer and closer to apathy. Meaning, they can use it in reverse. Instead of using it for 'positive' advertising, they are using it for 'negative' advertising. The data mining just identifies your weak points. It does not care which side you are on. They can target the weak points of every center-right voter and flip them through forced compliance reverting backwards starting from 'the mask.'

Behavioral markers. 'Don't worry about it. It's just metadata,' they kept saying.

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