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AOC - another example of how the Left has weaponized stupidity

This is not funny and this has not been funny for some time now. The childlike mentality and gross perception of reality from an economics major no less is far beyond disturbing.

This useful idiot of the Left manipulates stupid people. People who have been kept stupid.

This is an example of how you weaponize stupidity. The Left thrives on confusion. "Style of communication." God. Everyday tasks are made confusing by diversity. I am speaking of diversity in behavior and values. not race, but no matter I will be called a racist anyway.

If #AOC is an econ major and this is the crap that she is spreading, how is she not culpable for monetary damages she is causing by pushing this garbage. This is not funny anymore, like the #GREENNEWDEAL - these people are destroying the economic viability of a capitalist system. This is blatantly subversive.

Sarah Sanders calls AOC's work boycott 'totally mind blowing' Apr. 23, 2020 - 2:08 - Sarah Sanders calls out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for urging workers to say 'no' to going back to work after #coronavirus shutdown The shift from: "These people are dreamers and just want a better life and are DOING THE JOBS THAT AMERICANS DON'T WANT (WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN A LIE) TO THIS.?! Americans used to do these jobs and when it literally became impossible to make a living working for slave wages, Americans literally had no choice... It is NOT that they won't do the work. It never was...

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