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AOC and THE SQUAD are like your neighbors’ bitchy wives

You just feel sorry for that dude. The guy who is married to that shit. Those are the guys that are really oppressed.

AOC is the government’s very own pain in the ass. When you think the govt has their foot on your throat, you look to them and they have that bitch. That is her role.

AOC is like that movie ‘Nurse Betty.’ She is not a real member of Congress. She won a contest and is now pretending to be one. Her campaign is indirectly funded by Soros.

Here is my soutce:

What I just did there, putting a link to a source, a Dem would never do. Because they have no source for the info-garbage they spew.

Then there is Omar:

Ilhan Omar is still doing her thing. After getting caught fucking or marrying her brother -ya know – THAT THING – that just seems to be OK with everybody at the moment.

Now, she has funneled almost a million dollars or so to her husband’s law firm, or company. I think she was cheating with this guy because he was still married at the time that their relationship started.

And isn’t she the one that was mocking 9-11 saying, ‘some people did something.’ about the terrorists that flew into the twin towers?

Didn’t we basically rescue her from her shithole country? And now she is oppressing us. Because, of course, we are the oppressors.

We are oppressors. “Be – Agressive – BE BE – AGGRESSIVE.”

Nobody hears from politicians that are doing well. Especially when they are not doing anything. If you never hear about them, they are probably doing a pretty good job.

We hear about Omar and Talib (“We are going to impeach the motherfucker”) and AOC and it is always with the ridiculousness of a court jester. Who the fuck votes for this?

They stone women to death in the countries where these bitches came from for a hell of a lot less than that. Maybe not AOC. But the other two for sure.

I am going to point out the obvious that Mexicans are going to vote for the Mexican every time. And there is a large Indian population in the towns that elected the towel heads. These fuckers are not OK. And they are being quiet for now – they are like the fucking Chinese but abroad.

Indians are going to be the biggest fucking problem. You know what though? They still have slavery in India. Think about that. They only do business with each other though. They pride themselves on their ‘network.’

The shysters stick with the shysters and most of them are shysters.

Diversity has destroyed this country. Diversity destroyed Sweden. Places where good looking white people live. Notice that?

They have moved into the ‘white neighborhood’ of the world – America. That is all this is. We are the last white town in the hood and we are surrounded by black and brown hood rats. That is it. That sounds really really bad and that is because it is. It is also true.

They are going to enslave white people and white people are acting like they are OK with that.

Why do I get the feeling like I am not going to make it to the end of my natural life?

I really think there is a good possibility that something bad is going to happen. Well, something worse.

And some of us are going to have to do something. The people in the squad are being eclipsed in stupidity by these prosecutors.

At some point there is a good chance that there will be a small uprising in the United States. THAT has already happened.

Now, the next thing that is probably going to happen is going to be a BIG uprising. They don’t want the military and they let the police get killed. Civilians are going to start to protect themselves – just the like McCloskeys in St Louis. And everybody knows how that turned out.

There is a story about a place called ‘Ruby Ridge’ maybe some of you have heard of it.

We are at war with these fuckers who are embedded in our government. This is not going to end well. Coronavirus is going to be the least of our problems.

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