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And before I forget... The Overton Window and The Fun House mirror of lies called Leftism

Leftist ideology is that of a sociopath.

We get blamed for something that people in the past did. The Left says, "your ancestors."

We are mad at what black people are doing TODAY, and we are called racist.

So we are not allowed to criticize black people (this became law sometime during the Obama admin) for what they are doing today, because of what people we don't know and have never met did in the past.

We are not allowed to criticize black people for the highly irregular highly illegal shit that they are doing today.... because of racism.


The Overton window is attached to time. Think of the Overton Window as time plus events. They are two ribbons attached to each other. A dual bar chainsaw.

The left has separated these two leafs and folded them in on top of each other to 'swap out' time and events and punish people, not only for things that they themselevs did not do, but also punish them for things that other people did in different eras.

This absurdity in thnking is what allows them to propagate their tyranny. Because they have deemed themsleves to be impervious to the bizarre rules that they have established

It is like playing a board game with a kid who makes the rule sup as they go along.

I am going to start teaching a class on Leftism.

At some point, the captain on the Titanic knew that the ship was going to collide with that iceberg and there was nothing he could about it.

Imagine that car crash that seems like it is happening is slow motion being dragged out for an extended period of time. Think about it like Tantric sex for terror.


It is clear to me that black people are not going to be satisfied UNTIL you hate them...

Which of course, that would then be the Left accomplishing their goal of creating the problem that they will then intervene to solve.

New Amazon Series Shows Blacks Enslaving Whites: ‘You Raped Our Daughters, What if We Rape Yours?’

When you start the conversation in the middle you remove the cause of the cause and effect relationship

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