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Afghanistan 2021

Updated: Jan 1

Biden State Dept “Actively Impeding” Rescue Efforts of US Citizens Stranded in Afghanistan – Including Group of Catholic Nuns_GATEWAYPUNDIT

FLASHBACK: Watch Jen Psaki Lie Through Her Teeth About 100 Americans Left in Afghanistan – Now We Know Up to 14,000 Americans Were Stranded There (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

US Afghan resettlements slowed by housing shortage, old technology_FOXNEWS

California Schools Prepare for Influx of Afghan Refugee Students, Offer ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Meals, Set Aside Rooms For Prayer During Muslim Holidays_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Female Soldier Assaulted by Three Afghan Nationals in Parking Lot at Fort Bliss_GATEWAYPUNDIT

More GOP Governors Back Biden’s Plan to Resettle 95K Afghans in Their States_BREITBART

Kabul Airport Suicide Bomber Who Murdered 13 Americans Was Set Free from Bagram Prison After Joe Biden Abandoned the US Base in July #BidenEffect_GATEWAYPUNDIT

U.N. Announces $1 Billion in Pledges for Afghanistan Relief, U.S. Commits $64 Million_BREITBART

Analysis: Afghan Population in U.S. Explodes, Majority Live on Welfare_BRIETBART

US drone strike that Pentagon said killed Kabul suicide bomber actually 'killed aid worker and seven children who ran to greet him when he arrived home’: Video allegedly shows he filled car with water not explosives_DAILYMAIL

Dr. Lawrence Sellin on India’s CNN News 18: “We Are on the Cusp of a Major Geo-Strategic Shift – Facing an Alliance of China, Pakistan and the Taliban” (Video)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Taliban Responds to Tony Blinkin and Woke Leftists: “Women Can’t be Ministers – They Should Give Birth”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Biden Blasts Americans on Eve of 9/11: ‘We Have Witnessed Violence in America Against Muslims – True Followers of a Peaceful Religion’ (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Hillary Clinton Demonizes Trump Supporters on Eve of 9/11 Anniversary, Says She’s “More Concerned About Internal Threats” (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Executive branch's 'decentralized' 'deep state' in charge while voters think president is: Curtis Yarvin_FOXNEWS

GOP rep claims in Ingraham exclusive Afghan evacuees held at Va. base 'leave in Ubers'; sent letter to Blinken_FOXNEWS

Taliban AGREE to let 200 Americans and foreigners working in Afghanistan fly out of Kabul Airport on charter planes Thursday after rescuers claimed State Department was frustrating evacuation efforts_DAILYMAIL

Taliban Go Door to Door Seeking Payback on Female Judges_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Taliban Paint Over George Floyd Mural in Kabul with Victory Slogans_GATEWAYPUNDIT

DHS: White Americans Support The Taliban And Are Poised to Carry Out Terror Attacks At Any Moment

US Congressman: At Least 500 Americans Stranded in Afghanistan_GATEWAYPUNDIT

US Volunteer Who Witnessed Kabul Airport Bombing: “ISIS-K and Taliban are THE EXACT SAME Organization” (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Democrat Senator Blumenthal Blasts Biden Admin Over Abandoning Americans in Afghanistan: “Furious at Our Government’s Delays and Inaction”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Taliban Invites Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Qatar to Ceremony Announcing New Government in Afghanistan_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Blinken lands in Qatar to thank nation for help with Afghan evacuations as 200 Americans and thousands of allies remain stranded and Taliban 'take control' of entire country_DAILYMAIL

Tucker: We don't know who the Afghan refugees are_FOXNEWS

BIDEN LIED: Most Afghans Who Assisted US During 20-Year Occupation Did Not Get Evacuated – Due to Chaos at Airport Gates and Taliban Presence_GATEWAYPUNDIT

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Administration Sending Afghans to Swing States Where They Will Be Housed and Fed_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Biden’s Cover Up: Deep State Wipes Online Records of U.S. Military Equipment Given to Afghan Forces; Public Links to Reports About Quantities and Billions in Costs Are GONE_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Psaki dodges questions about Biden pressing Afghan president to change 'perception' of Taliban dominance_FOXNEWS

REPORT: DoD had Foreknowledge of Kabul Airport Bomber – Denied Permission to Fire Predator Drone that had Lock on Him – 13 US Heroes Dead_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Report: 11 Flights of Afghans Flown to Wisconsin, 300 Land in Philadelphia_BREITBART

Mark Morgan to Newsmax: Quickly Bringing Afghan Refugees into US a Concern_NEWSMAX

Afghan TV Show Host Surrounded By Taliban With Guns Tells Public Not To Be Afraid And Cooperate_DAILYCALLER

That'll Teach 'Em. US Drone Strike Targeting Suicide Bombers in Kabul Kills Family of Nine Including Four Kids Under Age Five_REDSTATE

USMC Take Troubling Step Against Marine Commander Who Demanded Accountability on Afghanistan_REDSTATE

CENTCOM Investigating Reports of Civilian Deaths in Kabul ‘Defensive Strike’_BREITBART

Marine Lieutenant Colonel Resigns Commission over Afghanistan, Vows to Bring the Whole F*cking System Down’_BREITBART

Taliban Begins Shake Down of Joe Biden: Offer to Extend Deadline if Biden Will Unfreeze Their Funds_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Marine fired for slamming military over Afghan exit issues warning to superiors_NYPOST

US carries out Kabul airstrike against ISIS-K suicide bomber that threatened airport, US official confirms_FOXNEWS

Child is killed in rocket attack: US air strike takes out an ISIS-K suicide bombers driving to the airport in a car rigged with explosives as separate incident decimates family home leaving a child dead_DAILYMAIL

Mitt Romney: It Is ‘Our National Character’ to Welcome People Who Seek Asylum_BREITBART

Donald Trump Jr. Calls Malarkey on Biden 'Retaliation Strike' Claim_REDSTATE

SEAL Who Shot bin Laden: "Give Me Nine Guys to Rescue Abandoned Americans"_ZEROHEDGE

Stranded in Kabul: Americans, LPRs, SIVs stopped at Taliban checkpoint_FOXNEWS

The Biden Effect: Taliban Announces Citizens Must Turn Over Guns, All Women are Required to Have Male Chaperone to Leave the House for Extended Periods_GATEWAYPUNDIT


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