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Access to Justice – Corruption in Illinois

The quality of the environment you live in is dictated by the prosecutor in your county. We have seen the most horrific public display of injustice by these individuals who have unfettered authority with zero checks and balances. They make up laws out of thin air, use government resources to help their friends settle personal vendettas and let criminals go free while prosecuting those who criticize them.

How corrupt does a system have to be to squash a story in this day and age that is backed up by video proof of a white mayor attacking an unarmed black protester at a George Floyd ceremony in Joliet, IL – allegedly? Clear as day posted on YouTube. This video is then followed by another video which claims to show Joliet police then punching (allegedly) the same victim that was attacked by the mayor. How is it possible that this is not national headlines?

I contacted every major news outlet with links to the videos and to the extremely watered down and in some cases blatantly deceptive stories. Why doesn’t anybody care about this?

Shortly after this, video emerged of the same police department detaining a man who died in their custody. This story was also silenced and is also mired in controversy. Why was this story not national news? How corrupt is Joliet, IL, the mayor, the prosecutor and the police officers involved that they can escape the criticism worthy of their actions which were equal to that of other high profile cases that sparked riots across the country?

Why are these stories being buried? More importantly, HOW are these stories being buried? Is it just as many of us have always thought – that the angry mob needs to be told what and who to be angry with and even when? This is a giant elephant in the room and everybody is ignoring it.

Here is a link to many more links and videos pertaining to the alleged assault of an unarmed black man by the mayor of Joliet, IL, Bob O’Dekirk:

This is link to a very disturbing link that reveals that Leftist prosecutors do not know the definition of words like ‘racism’ or purposely lie when conflating criticism of their behavior that resembles that of a mentally ill person with racism.

We cannot have mentally deficient or mentally retarded people in an office that has the ability to wield authority unchallenged and with no regard to the sworn duties of the office. It is tantamount to professional malpractice.

This all stems from ‘my truth’ which is often a way of excusing ‘my lies’ when the truth is inconvenient.

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