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6/26/2020 - 2020 Revolution

3 Old Town Scottsdale bars closed through weekend to prevent crowding

And the thug parades continue...

How long until these orgs go 'private' instead of 'public' in order to survive? MEMBERS ONLY

THESE Rules are for businesses open to the public, right?

OLD TOWN BIZ should start selling membership cards for residents of Scottsdale only.

DAILY SIGNAL - Problematic Women: The Roots of America’s ‘New Anarchy,’ According to a College Professor

This is a good article. However, academic articles are of no use at this time unless you are figuring out a way to archive and preserve them from being destroyed by the angry mob. This is kind of like analyzing the mistakes made by the captain of the Titanic while it is still headed toward the iceberg. All you should be doing now is preparing for how you are going to react to it. And the sooner the better. The people destroying America at the ground level have about as much empirical understanding of what they are doing as a wild animal. It is purely instinctual. It is no different than rabbits copulating during mating season. Spring is open season for street violence.

The GOP is probably going to cost Trump the election in 2020 because of the apathy they create by not doing anything at all about what is happening here.

Black Lives Matter Does the Democrats’ Dirty Work; Here’s What a BLM ‘Tough Guy’ Told Fox News

BLM is not going to stop UNTIL you hate black people. People have never been more justified in hating these morons than right now and the people who STILL defend them are going to get eaten first, hopefully. Black people auction themselves off every election cycle and this one is no different.

Make no mistake - the 2020 Revolution summer of violence is like Disney Land for black people. They love to burn shit down, shoot shit up like white Americans like to watch baseball. THIS is the Democrats 'ginning up their base' and paying for votes.

And still... Where is our leader? Where are all these patriots with their guns? Nowhere to be found...

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