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2020 American Revolution - June - Coronavirus to George Floyd Riots Part 1 and Part 2

Updated: Jun 9, 2020


There is a new kind of journalism out there - sort of a hip-hop journalism where 'trigger words' and phrases are sampled and people just accept the radio edit instead of demanding to hear the entire song.

I am not a conspiracy theorist and it is not a theory if it is happening right before our eyes.

If you are wondering whether or not we are being #gaslighted by deep state operatives within our own government - The 'racist' coronavirus is not racist after all...

Exhibit A - Blue city mayors lift lockdown orders for protest. Health experts verify - the virus knows the difference between protesters and regular people. Oprah and Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot called the virus racist because it affects POC to a larger degree - BECAUSE THEY DO NOT PRACTICE PROPER HYGIENE.

Read more about the destruction of a Constitutional Republic at #RAZE #17GEN4

'The codependent enabler often finds themselves trying to make their relationship work with someone else who's not (#Dems). When the relationship starts breaking down, the codependent enabler (@GOP) will sacrifice their own emotional needs in order to keep the relationship going.'

At one point in the not too distant past there was a call for #BlackLivesMatter to be designated as a terrorist organization. At least a 'social terrorism' organization.

It is possible that Antifa was created so that when the violence escalated to this level, that the Left would then have some other organization to pivot and point to. This would make sense. It would take the perception of liability away from BLM and point it toward a buch of white Leftists who would then be miscategorized as white supremacists.

It is a lot to unpack, but if you pay attention to what they are doing this sort of action repeats itself.

5 times Antifa has reared its head on campus

But this is jumping ahead.

Coronavirus was a bogus hyperbolic hysteria generated by the Left to destroy Trump's economy.

The COVID19 virus was a precursor for the race war that we are now watching play out in front of us.

This is ongoing but the riots were planned organized and executed by Leftist Dems who hold positions in government office in deep blue cities and states across the country. Those who have been insisting that everyone wear masks and stay at home... While restrictions are simultaneously lifted for people who are burning down the cities.

The racial slurs and open attacks on whites and blatant discrimination toward whites could not be more up front and center.

Then, you take a bunch of angry black people and entice them to nigout.


Laura Ingraham says riots are part of 'coordinated effort to eventually overthrow' the US government

RED STATE: Tucker Carlson Gave the Most Important, Riveting Monologue of His Career and It’s a Must Watch

People fall into one of two categories with #GeorgeFloyd RIOTS: 1. How can I stop this? and 2. How can I keep this going? This tells you all you need to know about the person.

Until we decide what 'this' is, the unrest will continue.

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