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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

The 2020 Revolution, what the Left calls - The New Normal - is not conducive to freedom and liberty outlined in our Constitutional Republic.

Government mandates are destroying businesses and commerce. The only way to survive cancel culture is to network with our own people. This minimizes the threat we constantly face from from Leftists and helps us to avoid the risk of doing business with subversive actors.

The good news is that if you want to become a member, you already have your membership card - a voter ID card with the word 'Republican' as your chosen party affiliation.

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IDW.COMMUNITY group link: RAZE -


About RAZE

I tried to create a networking website that was attacked. This is no surprise, but the problem remains that verifying the identity of the individual is what prevents organizations like this from succeeding. That and the reality that the lines of communication in this country are already socialist.

There is nothing I hate more than constantly having to give out my personal info:

I cannot even get a haircut without giving them my phone number. I give them my old phone number, but that is not the point. Then can then use your phone number for various other things. Your phone number has become like your social security number in a way, but you are required to give it out on a regular basis. I do not like this.

The reason for the scenario above is to highlight the fact that while people (myself included) are tired of giving out their personal info, it is necessary that we know who you are because the Left is protected in this virtual cloak of anonymity.

- I am attempting to circumvent this problem by posting an e-mail address and the link to a group on available above. This is temporary, but THEY (THE LEFT) cannot 'shut down' protonmail and IDW.COMMUNITY, while certainly not my favorite platform, is under the radar for the moment.

No personal info is required here. I am getting very good at recognizing the behavior and language of the Left and so are many others. I suggest signing up for an account at IDW.COMMUNITY - There is a referral ink on the homepage of one of my websites: - you can also enter your e-mail there and that is quick and easy.

The Right needs a home base. The GOP does not do this. Facebook literally blocks people affiliated with the Right from finding each other. I noticed this right away when I used it. I notice this in my own community as I could not be more plugged into news and politics - so how am I missing local pro-Trump events?

I believe that the answer to this is that the Right does a bad job of networking and is also subject to limited purview, but a teenager who spews on about climate change can have 100K followers...

I have said many times that if someone could create a 'Craigslist type' platform with ONLY verified users it would be wonderful, but nobody would use it. That is the problem with the culture of platforms like that.

The political Right has no home base. I read an article recently from Breitbart which touched on something I have had a theory about for a long time: getting back to my statement that the lines of communication are already socialist and using Twitter as an example - they (the Left) does not have to delete your accounts anymore. All they have to do is isolate you so that nobody sees you. It is the same effect as being cancelled, but you only know it is happening when your ability to connect with other people disappears. They are already doing this.

I am unbelievably isolated because I do not have a Facebook account. Not using Facebook excludes me from just about everything. I had a Facebook account because I was told by so many people that I needed to have a Facebook page and nothing good came out of it. Facebook has wonderful advertising potential as you COULD hyper target your demographic for services, the only problem is that they call that 'racist advertising' now and do not allow you to target, for example, middle-aged white people between in the ages of 26 and 35 because that is 'racist.'

I had an ad pulled for trying to run a promotion for local police and fire protection. They pulled the ad. They come up with various crazy excuses to not run ads, etc. It is not worth it.

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