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17GEN4 - Problems in #Education

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Man charged with shooting five at Alabama high school football game_NYPOST

One dead, seven wounded in shooting at Grambling State_NYPOST

Loudoun County prosecutor who sought to jail father of girl allegedly raped at school tied to Soros, McAuliffe_FOXNEWS

Loudoun County Prosecutor Who Attempted to Jail Father of Raped Daughter Is Soros-Funded Radical and Close Ally to McAuliffe_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Over 140 School Bus Routes Cancelled in Seattle Due to Vaccine Mandates_GATEWAYPUNDIT

US Department of Education overhauls Public Service Loan Forgiveness program_CNN

Hate Hoax: After Student Walkout Protest – Black Student Admits to Posting Racist Graffiti at Parkway Central High School in St. Louis County_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Unvaccinated Students Ordered to Wear Armbands So They Can Be Identified_GATEWAYPUNDIT

California Schools Prepare for Influx of Afghan Refugee Students, Offer ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Meals, Set Aside Rooms For Prayer During Muslim Holidays_GATEWAYPUNDIT

'Whiteness is not a culture!': BLM activists at Arizona State University scream at two white students with Police Lives Matter stickers on their laptops before forcing them out of a 'multicultural learning space'_DAILYMAIL

California Schools Prepare for Influx of Afghan Refugee Students, Offer ‘Culturally Appropriate’ Meals, Set Aside Rooms For Prayer During Muslim Holidays__GATEWAYPUNDIT

A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: ‘I Just Feel Lost’_WSJ

WATCH: Colorado High School Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Against Mask Mandate (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Nikole Hannah-Jones says her 1619 Freedom School in Iowa teaches Black history, not CRT_FOXNEWS

Phoenix: Teachers Who Refuse To Teach CRITICAL RACE THEORY Will Be Paid LESS Than Those Who Do_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Utah Teacher Goes on Threatening Political Rant Against Students Who Do Not Agree With Far-Left Ideology.. UPDATE — FIRED!_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Kansas math teacher resigns over CRT training and renewed mask mandates, gets fined_FOXNEWS

Biden admin targets DeSantis ban on mask mandates, offers cash to Florida school districts defying governor_FOXNEWS

Black mother condemns her daughter's black Atlanta elementary school principal for SEGREGATING classes by race to give African-American kids 'the services that they need'_DAILYMAIL

Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmetic Get Counted Out in Oregon_REDSTATE

Jen Psaki says Biden is considering PAYING Florida school employees if they have their paychecks withheld by Ron DeSantis for imposing classroom mask mandates_DAILYMAIL

Princeton offering 'Black Lives Matter' course taught by professor with 'commitment' to 'critical race theory'_FOXNEWS

$500 for an A? Baltimore professor sentenced in bribery scheme_COLLEGEFIX

Arizona charter school principal admits having sex with three students, including a 16-year-old who he took out for dinner_DAILYMAIL

Professor suggests it should be a federal hate crime to criticize Fauci and other government-funded scientists_COLLEGEFIX

Denver spends far more on homelessness per person than K-12 students, veterans affairs: reports_FOXNEWS

NYC school's faculty rebels against principal who 'conspired to get rid of white teachers' and who 'definitely has something against white people'_DAILYMAIL

Dozens of School Districts are Using Book that Claims ‘Whiteness’ is the Devil and That White Children Sell Their Soul for “Stolen Land and Stolen Riches”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Queer Valedictorian's silenced LGBTQ identity speech may see federal Civil Rights review_USATODAY

2012 Critical Race Theory: A Cult of Anti-White Resentment_AMERICANTHINKER

Tacoma middle school teacher is condemned for handing out flyers telling children they can have an abortion at 11 without parental consent and buy condoms at any age_DAILYMAIL

Outrageous! Here’s a Look at the Shocking White Privilege, Gender Equity Lesson Plans Used To Indoctrinate Your Kids_GATEWAYPUNDIT

DEFUND THE DOE - Philadelphia Becomes ‘Sanctuary’ School District, Will Train Staff How to Respond to ICE_BREITBART

Dept. of Ed. marks anniversary of Title IX with warning that schools must let biological males use girls' bathrooms, play girls' sports_BLAZE

Now MATH is racist: Educators condemn $1M 'Dismantling Racism in Mathematics' program funded by Bill Gates which tells teachers NOT to push students to find the correct answer because it promotes white supremacy_DAILYMAIL

University Of Oklahoma Instructors Trained In How To Censor And Indoctrinate Students (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Dalton parents enraged over ‘masturbation’ videos for first graders_NYPOST

Portland 8th Grade Teacher: If You’re Not An Anti-Racist Educator, You’re Going To Be Fired_NEWSWARS

PORTLANDIA: Teach anti-racism or you will be fired from school_PRESS CALIFORNIA

Schools subtly imported ‘anti-American, woke’ ideas into classes for years: Rubin_FOXNEWS

Players and Parents Complain About Detroit Mercy Girls BBall Coach – University Keeps Coach – All 14 Players Leave_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Virginia Little League Coaches Forced to Attend Expensive ‘Antiracist’ Training_GATEWAYPUNDIT


Oklahoma City school board denounces new law banning critical race theory as protecting 'White fragility'

Alito: ‘Tolerance for Opposing Views Is Now in Short Supply in Many Law Schools’

University of Chicago faculty demand reparations

University of Louisville president: Anti-racism is ‘where the world is going’

1 of 2 - Facing a shortage of educators of color, CPS looks to groom its own students for teaching jobs

2 of 2 - Soros Groomed Black High School Kids to Cultivate Identitarian Politicians

HS principal allegedly says football players should stand for national anthem or quit team. Now he's on leave.

California is easing its bar exam score, which critics argue fails to measure ability_LATIMES

Slate Reader Asks For Help With Forcing 2-Year-Old Daughter To Be ‘Anti-Racist’_

Peter Strzok Hired To Teach At Georgetown University

University of Chicago faculty demand reparations

California Criticized for 'Racist' Decision To Lower Bar Exam Score Amid Calls for Increased Diversity

San Diego school districts overhauls grading system to combat racism

VIDEO: Students support removing Trump with 25th Amendment...without even knowing what it is

Teacher tells virtual class ‘MAGA’ really means make America ‘racist and sexist again’

Public university professor deletes ‘F— ’em all’ tweet hoping for death of Republican Party

They keep trying to cancel this conservative professor. He refuses to back down.

‘Trans Lives Matter’ — Biden Pledges to Sign Bill to Force Schools to Allow Boys to Play Girls’ Sports

University Of Minnesota Offers Lecture Teaching 12-Step AA-Type Program To Recover From Being White

Super Woke Update: University Votes to Stop Calling Its English Department the ENGLISH Department

17-Year-Old Student Cyberbullied By Teacher and May Be Expelled for Sharing Conservative Content on Instagram

San Francisco may change 'inappropriate' names of 44 city schools, including Washington and Lincoln: report

LEFTIST 'ANTI-RACIST' - Chicago Public School Teacher James Klock_17GEN4

Surprising percentage of college students find violent censorship 'acceptable' to some degree

ANTI-RACIST Education promotes VIOLENT Rhetoric

College professors let loose profane criticism of Pence during VP debate


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