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17GEN4 - Homepage 9/27/2020

Louisville lawmaker back on protest line after rioting arrest; police probe fiery blast outside church_FOXNEWS Seattle police arrest 10 for assaulting cops, smashing windows, setting fires_FOXNEWS BREAKING: Multiple Injuries After Car Plows Through Crowd of Trump Supporters in Yorba Linda, California (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT TWO WEEKS: - NO SUSPECT ID IN AMBUSH SHOOTING OF POLICE_ABC7 Guy threatens to shoot somebody campaigning for Trump - here is his home address_17GEN4 NYPD should stop making traffic stops, attorney general says_FOXNEWS Durham Investigation Report Before November Election is UNLIKELY! — DEEP STATE WINS! –Video_GATEWAYPUNDIT CRIMINAL: Facebook Censors and “Reduces Distribution” of Tucker Carlson Tonight’s Page Just 39 Days Before Election_GATEWAYPUNDIT Why Is FOX News Preventing Negative Reporting of George Soros? Gingrich and Toensing Speak Out_FOXNEWS U-Haul Seen Distributing Shields, Potential Weapons to Louisville Rioters Rented to Holly Zoller of Soros-Connected Louisville Bail Project_GATEWAYPUNDIT


General Flynn’s Family Releases Statement After More Documents Uncovered Proving General Flynn’s Innocence and Deep State’s Efforts to Crush Him and President Trump_GATEWAYPUNDIT Louisville University Shuts Down, Tells White Students To ‘Educate Yourselves On Systemic Racism’_GATEWAYPUNDIT BREAKING: Black Lives Matter Rioters in Hollywood Chase Down and Attack Driver.. UPDATE… DRIVER DETAINED BY POLICE (SHOCKING VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT LEAKED Inside Documents show BLUE PRINT of Radical Left’s Rapid Response Plan to Disrupt SCOTUS Nomination and Vote_GATEWAYPUNDIT EXCLUSIVE: California Man Finds THOUSANDS of What Appear to be Unopened Ballots in Garbage Dumpster — Workers Quickly Try to Cover Them Up — We are Working to Verify_GATEWAYPUNDIT MOMENTUM TRUMP – THIS IS NOT EVEN A RACE – Trump with Over 240,000 Attendees at His Rallies to Biden’s 84(!) Since Labor Day!_GATEWAYPUNDIT 10 Disturbing Revelations from FBI Special Agent William Barnett on the FBI’s Michael Flynn Probe_BREITBART FOX News Rick Leventhal Confirms Our Prior Reporting – 94% of COVID-19 Deaths Had “On Average 2-3 Other Potential Causes of Death”_GATEWAYPUNDIT Trump Supporters March in Beverly Hills (Video)_GATEWAYPUNDIT Research Finds Google Responsible for 2.6 – 10.4 Million Votes for Hillary in 2016 Election_17GEN4 BOB O'DEKIRK, JOLIET, IL MAYOR ATTACKS UNARMED BLACK PROTESTER ALLEGEDLY, CLEAR AS DAY_17GEN4 White Democrat Mayor Fist Fights Black Protester - No Charges Filed (VIDEO) - allegedly_17GEN4

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