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17GEN4 - Homepage 9/22/2020 - 6:30PM

Research Finds Google Responsible for 2.6 – 10.4 Million Votes for Hillary in 2016 Election_17GEN4 Donald Trump: ‘I’m So Angry at Republicans’ for Slow Investigations_BREITBART #DELETED: Big Tech’s Efforts to Sway the Election Revealed_BREITBART AFTER 1 WEEK - NO SUSPECT ID IN AMBUSH SHOOTING OF POLICE_ABC7 Democrats Threaten to Fly to Washington and Prevent Senate Vote on SCOTUS Nominee — Lay Down on Floor to Block Entry to Senate — Tucker Carlson Open_GATEWAYPUNDIT Secret Service involved in arrest of 2 in Virginia allegedly carrying backpack with gun and ammo near Trump rally: report_FOXNEWS FBI Agent Who Uncovered Weiner Laptop with Hillary’s Emails says FBI Leadership Told Him to Erase All of His Findings_GATEWAYPUNDIT Graham claims Senate GOP has votes to confirm new SCOTUS justice before Election Day_FOXNEWS Blue states, Dem mayors racing to spend coronavirus aid money on liberal priorities_FOXNEWS CHICAGO: Rookie aldermen chosen to lead reparations subcommittee_CHICAGOSUNTIMES CHICAGO: Man On Horse Arrested After Tying Up Dan Ryan Expressway_CBS BREAKING: Omaha Bar Owner Charged For Killing Rioter Who Attacked Him and His Business Has Committed Suicide_FOXNEWS EPIC! Amish Trump Supporters Hold COW, HORSE, WAGON AND CARRIAGE TRUMP PARADE in Fredericksburg, Ohio (Video)_GATEWAYPUNDIT MLB, Players Association Donates $10 Million To ‘Improve Representation Of Black Americans In Baseball’_FOXNEWS CNN's Don Lemon suggests to 'blow up the entire system'_FOXNEWS Why Is FOX News Preventing Negative Reporting of George Soros? Gingrich and Toensing Speak Out_FOXNEWS Mike Bloomberg Raises $16 Million to Pay Fines of Black, Hispanic Felons to Vote in Florida_BREITBART Flashback: In 2016, Ginsburg said Senate should hold SCOTUS confirmation hearing during election year_FOXNEWS Woman suspected of sending ricin to White House arrested near Canada border_FOXNEWS Barrasso calls for speedy SCOTUS confirmation, says Dems will ‘blow up Senate’ anyway_FOXNEWS Judge Jeanine: The 'undoing' of America 'can only happen from within'_FOXNEWS The BLM Mob Hits Rural America — BLM Blocks Entrance to Bigfoot School in Rural Wisconsin_GATEWAYPUNDIT Trump says Supreme Court list is down to 5 people, announcement coming Friday or Saturday_FOXNEWS NO MERCY: Democrats Sowed the Nuclear Option – Now They Can Reap the Whirlwind of a 6th Conservative Supreme Court Justice_GATEWAYPUNDIT RBG: Three Supreme Court Justices Were Confirmed In Less Than 45 Days, Including Ginsburg_THEFEDERALIST BOB O'DEKIRK, JOLIET, IL MAYOR ATTACKS UNARMED BLACK PROTESTER ALLEGEDLY, CLEAR AS DAY_17GEN4 White Democrat Mayor Fist Fights Black Protester - No Charges Filed (VIDEO) - allegedly_17GEN4 Why is Bob O’Dekirk still mayor of Joliet, IL?_GMS

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17GEN4 - Homepage 7/30/2021

SURPRISE! Officer Dunn Who Testified that Trump Supporters on Jan. 6 Were Chanting the “N-Word” Is HUGE BLM Activist — Supported Mass Violence in Kenosha Riots_GATEWAYPUNDIT ​ Joe Biden Lies to Truck