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Technology could be used to solve this crime - Instead, it is being used to hunt down and harass Republicans

'Mommy my tummy hurts': Heartbreaking final words of boy, 6, killed in his car booster seat on the way to school after his mother gave another driver the finger on California freeway for cutting her off - as his sister begs for justice_DAILYMAIL

Maricopa County Is Now Doing the Unheard of by Intimidating the Senate and Its Auditors with Possible Lawsuit Should They Complete Their Legal and Proper Audit_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Joliet Mayor Bob O'Dekirk Speaks Out After Beating Black Protester Caught on Video_NBC

Attorneys for protesters in recorded skirmish with Joliet’s mayor say clients were demonstrating peacefully, disputing mayor’s self-defense claim_CHICAGOTRIBUNE

WTF? Houston officer implicates dispatcher and deputy in child sex abuse before committing suicide after 6 hour standoff_BLAZE

Two men are killed and EIGHT injured in Minneapolis gunfight as city sees violent crime spiral in wake of George Floyd's murder and vow to disband its police force_DAILYMAIL

Prison Workers Tasked with Guarding Jeffrey Epstein Admitted They Falsified Records the Night He Died – Will Avoid Jail Time in Deal with DOJ_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Joe Biden Slams His Hand on Podium, Randomly Starts Shouting in the Middle of His Remarks Like a Tyrant (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Mayor Lightfoot Defends Her Racist Interview Policy: “As a Woman of Color, as a Lesbian, It’s Important to Me That Diversity is Put Front and Center” (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Babylon Bee: Lightfoot Terrified When Thomas Sowell Shows up for 'Black People Only' Interview_REDSTATE

Ex-Secret Service agent for Michelle Obama claims she was 'outraged' she could 'do nothing' to protect her from racist abuse because of the First Amendment_DAILYMAIL

The dumbest cops are in Illinois, sorry 'back the blue' - Father sues cops after they searched an URN with his two-year-old daughter's ashes in it during a traffic stop claiming it contained drugs_DAILYMAIL

The January 6 Commission Is All About Revenge_AG

Democrat Delaware State Lawmaker Arrested For Punching Woman in the Face at Restaurant_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Black Politician: Rochester, NY, mayor's home searched by state police_FOXNEWS

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will grant interviews only to 'Black or Brown journalists,' local reporters say_FOXNEWS

CHICAGO (Where the mayor will not speak to white reporters): Man beats attempted murder charge in baseball bat attack, gets probation_CWB

Chicago Expressway Shootings Up 100% Over Same Time Last Year_BREITBART

'UNITY' : Jill Biden to Kamala Harris After 2019 Presidential Debate: “Go F*ck Yourself”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

AMAZING STORY OF WOKENESS - Players and Parents Complain About Detroit Mercy Girls BBall Coach – University Keeps Coach – All 14 Players Leave_GATEWAYPUNDIT

BREAKING NEWS: 35 Republicans defy Kevin McCarthy and GOP leadership to vote with all Democrats in FAVOR of forming a 9/11-style investigation into the Capitol riot_DAILYMAIL

Video shows Biden administration 'secretly' flying migrant children into Tennessee - while Republican Rep urges Congress to pull Kamala's travel funds until she visits the border _DAILYMAIL

Report: Kamala Harris Keeps List of Reporters Who Offend Her_BREITBART

Does anybody think for a second that these mongoloids have any idea what is going on over there? Black Lives Matter Declares Solidarity with Palestinians: ‘We Are Committed to Ending Settler Colonialism’_FOXNEWS

12 Federal Lawsuits V. Joliet Police: Soaring Outside Legal Fees_PATCH


The entire way a case is handled changes when the victim is white:

It appears that LMPD is investigating the incident — as an assault, not a hate crime. “We’re gonna collect all the evidence, present it in court and they will decide,” an LMPD police spokesman previously told the Independent Chronicle,

Police Punt on Hate Crime Decision Involving Alleged Beating of Disabled White Army Vet by Four Black Women_REDSTATE


‘So, It Was Theater’: Political And Conservative Commentators React To Fauci Admitting Vaccinated Didn’t Need To Wear Masks_DAILYCALLER

At least 7M Americans in line to receive $10,200 unemployment tax break_FOXNEWS

The Pentagon's shadow army: 60K-strong secret force with $900B budget is operating across the globe specializing in cutting-edge 'signature reduction' espionage methods, new report claims_DAILYMAIL

Morning Greatness: Pentagon Gets Ready to Surveil Service Members_AG

WHY? Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Orders Shutdown Of Oil Pipeline During Gas Crisis_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Morbidly Obese White House Reporter Urges Biden Admin to Pressure CDC to Reverse Updated Mask Guidance (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

CHICAGO MAYOR BLAMES THE PROBLEM ON INDIANA: 3 US Army Soldiers Accused of Illegally Selling Weapons Used in Chicago Shootings_MILITARY

Carjacking crisis worsens in Chicago: Latest suspect is an 11-year-old boy who helped beat a 59-year-old man_BLAZE

Teen, 18, in an ankle monitor 'snatches four-year-old boy from his bed, stabs him to death and dumps his body on Dallas street in random attack'_DAILYMAIL

CHICAGO: Edgewater man planted fake pipe bomb near Bryn Mawr Red Line, prosecutors say_CWB

THIS IS INFRASTRUCTURE: Fiery train derailment in Iowa forces town to evacuate residents_FOXNEWS

Colonial Pipeline Is Back, But Something Happened to the Hackers Who It Shut Down...Is It True?_TOWNHALL

AP Denies Knowledge of Sharing Office Space with Hamas Terrorists_AG

Hawley's book sales are up, but where are the effects of his policies? Nowhere to be found...Josh Hawley’s Book Debuts As Top 10 Bestseller Despite Cancellation Attempts_FEDERALIST

Unpopularity Of Kamala Harris Presents Real Threat To Democrats In Coming Elections_GATEWAYPUNDIT

FAUCI GETS hot under the collar and the masks go away... CDC to say fully vaccinated people can ditch masks indoors: report_FOXNEWS

‘My Hands and Feet Were Frozen, Numb or Burning’ – Eric Clapton Says He Had a Bad Reaction to AstraZeneca Covid Jab, Feared He Would Never Play Again_GATEWAYPUNDIT

'Antiracist' Doctor Finds Little Sympathy After Rant on White Woman Who Asked if She Was a Retail Clerk_REDSTATE

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