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It is the character of those judging us whose character needs to be judged... _____________________________________ ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS... Video: Drone Has Ability to Take Down Illegal Aliens Crossing Border by Shooting Taser Out of It... ______________________________________________________________ Seven unbelievable headlines in 2021 that were not satire_FOXNEWS2021 violence stats the worst in nearly 30 years_AXIOSLas Vegas cops discover severed head in cooler during arrest of suspect on totally different charges_FOXNEWS Arlington TX school shooter released day after shooting is back behind bars_FOXNEWS She claims to have a law degree folks - Kamala Harris says DEMOCRACY and the climate crisis are the biggest national security threats facing the US: VP also stands by Biden's decision to withdraw from Afghanistan and puts the blame on Trump_DAILYMAIL Husband of Democrat Lawmaker Who Was Carjacked in Illinois Exchanged Gunfire With the Attackers_GATEWAYPUNDIT Man, 19, facing federal charges for 'carjacking Dem Rep. Scanlon at gunpoint' was awaiting trial for stealing another car and has a string of arrests: Teen 'accomplices' aged 13 to 16 have been released back to parents_DAILYMAILLISTEN UP GOP: Jim Hoft is right - speak now or NOBODY will vote to re-elect you - If Republican Leaders Will Not Speak Out Against Election Officials Removing GOP Observers from Room, Pulling Out Hidden Suitcases of Votes and Shoving Stacks of Ballots Thru Machines 3 Times, Then the Grand Old Party’s Days Are Over_GATEWAYPUNDIT The two skanks suing the #GatewayPundit have a lot of left-wing funding behind them... also suing #OANN and Rudy. But they still do not have to answer for their alleged roles in #electionfraud Two Georgia election workers sue OAN and Rudy Giuliani claiming their election fraud claims lead to people showing up at their house, death threats and a Christmas card calling one a 'w****' - DAILYMAIL... You'd Better Watch Out: The Surveillance State Has A Naughty List, And You're On It_ZEROHEDGE Shut up Candace - Anti-vaxxer Candace Owens says Donald Trump only got COVID booster and defended vaccines because he’s ‘too old’ to use the internet and read online testimony against the shots_DAILYMAIL BUILD BACK BETTER - Christmas flightmare day THREE: Nearly 700 flights are cancelled and 640 are delayed on Sunday after 1,000 were nixed over last two days due to Omicron surge_DAILYMAIL ______________________________________________________ CLIMATE CHANGE? - Missouri police arrest woman who allegedly killed boyfriend with sword after taking meth on Christmas Eve_FOXNEWS Stranded at sea at Christmas: More than 1,000 Americans are stuck onboard cruise ship as Mexico refuses to allow them to disembark after 21 vaccinated crewmembers test positive for COVID_DAILYMAIL Minnesota Bistro Owner Sentenced With 90 Days in Jail and $1,000 Fine For Defying COVID Lockdown Order_AMGREATNESS KAMALA HARRIS ABUSES HER STAFFERS, BLAMING THEM FOR HER INCOMPETENCE_17GEN4Texas Mother, Daughter Killed When Human Smuggler Crashes Into Their Vehicle During a Police Pursuit – All 6 Illegal Aliens Survive Crash_GATEWAYPUNDIT If you traveled this past year you had to notice individuals at airports being allowed on planes with no apparent ID’s in hand, only papers. ​ With 1.7 Million Illegal Border Crossings This Past Fiscal Year – Where Did These People Go and Who Paid For It?_GATEWAYPUNDIT 20 People Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago_BREIBART Lightfoot’s Chicago: Smash and Grab Thieves Steal $1 Million in Merchandise from Auto Galler_BREITBART NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Imposes Statewide Mask Mandate, Violators Face Criminal Penalties, $1,000 Fine_GATEWAYPUNDITTerrifying moment gun shots rang out on Hollywood's Walk of Fame after 'sniper took aim from his apartment window at crowds gathered for a memorial at Mexican singer Vicente Fernández's star' - before cops stormed building and arrested suspect_DAILYMAIL Landscape of the Universe - The Metaverse If you don't read the article above first, the video won't make sense... __________________________________________________________ Charlie Kirk - Syngenta - Crop Famine Due To Fertilizer Market Cornered By China __________________________________________________________ Delivery driver destroys elderly couple's groceries after discovering police 'thank you' sign in front yard — but the internet opens its pocketbooks to help_BLAZE Black Lives Matter Statue Toppling an ‘Act of Love’_BREITBARTChicago man with pending gun cases charged with carjacking man at gunpoint, admits to murder: Report_FOXNEWS Young Swedish Man Raped With Bottle For 6 Hours By Immigrant Gang, Charged With Hate Crime For 'Incitement' __________________________________________________________ Decorated Army Veteran and Others ARRESTED by NYPD in The Cheesecake Factory after REFUSAL TO SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION_GATEWAYPUNDITCHICAGO: Man attacked strangers with knife, hammer, and machete in Logan Square, prosecutors say_CWB Chicago man with pending gun cases charged with carjacking man at gunpoint, admits to murder: Report_FOXNEWS DC residents speak out after night of brazen shootings: 'Definitely an increase in violence'_FOXNEWS Austin jewelry store heist prompts shopping mall evacuation: reports_FOXNEWSCalifornia police under fire after group targets Macy's in attempted robbery, assault: 'I was afraid'_FOXNEWSWoke Los Angeles DA George Gascón will NOT prosecute juveniles accused of sexual battery, assault and burglary under his expanded 'restorative justice' program in favor of 'rehabilitation'_DAILYMAIL New Mexico Amazon warehouse reportedly evacuated after bomb threat_NYPOST THIS GUY THINKS OMICRON WAS MADE IN A LAB - I ORIGINALLY SAW THIS LINK VIA REVOLVER.NEWS

It is the character of those judging us whose character needs to be judged... _____________________________________ They are not coming after me, they are coming after you ​ ​Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Exactly Which Dystopian Novel Are We Living In?_ZEROHEDGE Black Lives Matter Activists Tell Students ‘Crime Is Made up,’ Black People Are ‘Enslaved’ when They Go to Jail_BREITBARTThe Rule of Law Has Been Replaced by One Set of Rules for the Left and Another for the Right_REDSTATE CHICAGO: Firebomber injures two inside downtown 7-Eleven; store “totalled”... Peng Shuai tells paper she never wrote of being assaulted_ABC ______________________________________________________________ Protect Your Data: Facebook Privacy Settings to Change Right Now_BREITBARTUnwrapped new gadgets? 10 ways to lock them down_FOXNEWS ​ Big Tech Tyranny - Your Privacy From The Govt Is Non-Existent Start at 4:00 min mark - this is a really good segment about the surveillance state past and current - worth watching. ​ TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT 12/14/2021 OPENING MONOLOGUE ______________________________________________________________ ​ Woman says she was virtually 'groped' in Facebook's VR metaverse, investigation launched_BLAZEGoogle Now Restricts 'Docs' It Does Not Like_RECLAIM 7 “Surveillance-For-Hire” Companies Banned From Meta’s Platforms_CNBC Biden bill would give local news outlets ‘shot in the arm’ _____________________________________________________________ FACEBOOK, TWITTER and YELP all offer protections for provably false information posted on their sites while promising to remove dissenting but TRUE information contradictory to the narrative. ​ Twitter bans posting photos, videos of people without their consent - for protected classes only...?'I feel like...' - False 'opinions' protected by FACEBOOK - Facebook allows protection for people who post false info: Facebook asserts "fact checks," created by third-party organizations and used to remove content or to suspend users, are nothing more than "protected opinions" in a court filing Yelp can’t be forced to take down libelous reviews, court rules_VERGEMajor California Paper Attempts to Run Damage Control for Kamala Harris_REDSTATE GOOGLE - New Brain Maps Can Predict Behaviors ______________________________________________________________ White Chicago drug dealer, 17, is given probation for fatally STABBING boy, 15, in marijuana sale gone wrong after judge said he is 'a bright kid with a bright future'_DAILYMAIL “We Are In Different Times:” As Crime Continues to Surge, California Residents Resort to Leaving Their Cars Parked With the Trunk Open In Desperate Attempt To Deter Looters From Smashing The Windows – (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT Idaho sheriff attempts to justify pulling a gun on church youth group who had dropped a Thanksgiving card at his home by saying he feared they were 'drunk Indians' from nearby reservation_DAILYMAIL The Criminalization Of Preppers In Turkey: Will Your Country Be Next? ______________________________________________________________ “As the first woman, and only the third black person to lead the NYPD in its 176-year history, I bring a different perspective, committed to making sure the department looks like the city it serves, and making the decision, just as Mayor-elect Adams did, to elevate women and people of color to leadership positions,” she said. ​ NYC to Get First Female Police Commissioner in 176-Year History_BLACKNEWSCHANNEL WHATEVER HAPPENED TO 'TRUST' BUT 'VERIFY' ? Hair Hat Mafia - Page - Black Women in Politics_17GEN4

Oakbrook Center shooting: 4 injured following 'shootout' at mall

Malice - Baldwin - "I am God"

Tracking Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Comments On Coronavirus

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