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17GEN4 - Homepage 12/26/2021

It is the character of those judging us whose character needs to be judged...


WHITE HOUSE CHRISTMAS MESSAGE - Biden warns of 'winter of severe illness and death' for the unvaccinated

what a headline - Israel bans travel to US after Omicron cases found on Miami flight...

A very Biden/Harris Christmas - Death, disease and destruction

ANOTHER question Kamala Harris cannot answer - 'Who Tha POTUS?'



Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy_UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN HEALTH

Democrats Use the Threat of Court-Packing to Intimidate the Supreme Court from Overturning Roe_BREITBART

California Parents Outraged After Teachers Allegedly Coaxed Kids to Change Their Genders Behind Their Backs_AMGREATNESS

CA School - We will give you pizza if you let us stick this inside you, don't tell your parents

Viral TikTok school threat rumors: Students arrested nationwide as officials track down social media posts_FOXNEWS

Twitter Flexes Muscle To Enforce 'Decency Laws' Including Chemical Castration of Kids...

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Signs Bill Ending Parental Notification for Teen Girls’ Abortions_BREITBART

What does it say about you if you watch CNN?


Dr. Fauci contradicts Kamala Harris' claim the administration did not predict variants but says Omicron is 'unprecedented': Believes US should be 'flooded with free at home testing' after Psaki mocked idea_DAILYMAIL

Omicron forces wave of closures nationwide as Biden warns winter of 'death' encroaching_FOXNEWS

Police believe officer's puppy was targeted – abducted and beheaded_BLAZE

Biden is slammed for waiting until TUESDAY to announce new COVID measures as Omicron cases double over 24 HOURS: White House scrambles after Harris admission they 'did not see variant coming'_DAILYMAIL

Minnesota Bistro Owner Sentenced With 90 Days in Jail and $1,000 Fine For Defying COVID Lockdown Order_AMGREATNESS


Texas Mother, Daughter Killed When Human Smuggler Crashes Into Their Vehicle During a Police Pursuit – All 6 Illegal Aliens Survive Crash_GATEWAYPUNDIT

If you traveled this past year you had to notice individuals at airports being allowed on planes with no apparent ID’s in hand, only papers.

With 1.7 Million Illegal Border Crossings This Past Fiscal Year – Where Did These People Go and Who Paid For It?_GATEWAYPUNDIT

20 People Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago_BREIBART

Lightfoot’s Chicago: Smash and Grab Thieves Steal $1 Million in Merchandise from Auto Galler_BREITBART

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Imposes Statewide Mask Mandate, Violators Face Criminal Penalties, $1,000 Fine_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Terrifying moment gun shots rang out on Hollywood's Walk of Fame after 'sniper took aim from his apartment window at crowds gathered for a memorial at Mexican singer Vicente Fernández's star' - before cops stormed building and arrested suspect_DAILYMAIL

Landscape of the Universe - The Metaverse

If you don't read the article above first, the video won't make sense...


Charlie Kirk - Syngenta - Crop Famine Due To Fertilizer Market Cornered By China


Delivery driver destroys elderly couple's groceries after discovering police 'thank you' sign in front yard — but the internet opens its pocketbooks to help_BLAZE

Black Lives Matter Statue Toppling an ‘Act of Love’_BREITBART

Chicago man with pending gun cases charged with carjacking man at gunpoint, admits to murder: Report_FOXNEWS

Young Swedish Man Raped With Bottle For 6 Hours By Immigrant Gang, Charged With Hate Crime For 'Incitement'


Decorated Army Veteran and Others ARRESTED by NYPD in The Cheesecake Factory after REFUSAL TO SHOW PROOF OF VACCINATION_GATEWAYPUNDIT

CHICAGO: Man attacked strangers with knife, hammer, and machete in Logan Square, prosecutors say_CWB

Chicago man with pending gun cases charged with carjacking man at gunpoint, admits to murder: Report_FOXNEWS

DC residents speak out after night of brazen shootings: 'Definitely an increase in violence'_FOXNEWS

Austin jewelry store heist prompts shopping mall evacuation: reports_FOXNEWS

California police under fire after group targets Macy's in attempted robbery, assault: 'I was afraid'_FOXNEWS

Woke Los Angeles DA George Gascón will NOT prosecute juveniles accused of sexual battery, assault and burglary under his expanded 'restorative justice' program in favor of 'rehabilitation'_DAILYMAIL

New Mexico Amazon warehouse reportedly evacuated after bomb threat_NYPOST


It is the character of those judging us whose character needs to be judged...


They are not coming after me, they are coming after you

Exactly Which Dystopian Novel Are We Living In?_ZEROHEDGE

What Happened To Assange Could Happen To You Too

The Rule of Law Has Been Replaced by One Set of Rules for the Left and Another for the Right_REDSTATE


Big Tech Tyranny - Your Privacy From The Govt Is Non-Existent

Start at 4:00 min mark - this is a really good segment about the surveillance state past and current - worth watching.



Google Now Restricts 'Docs' It Does Not Like_RECLAIM

7 “Surveillance-For-Hire” Companies Banned From Meta’s Platforms_CNBC

Biden bill would give local news outlets ‘shot in the arm’


FACEBOOK, TWITTER and YELP all offer protections for provably false information posted on their sites while promising to remove dissenting but TRUE information contradictory to the narrative.

Twitter bans posting photos, videos of people without their consent - for protected classes only...?

'I feel like...' - False 'opinions' protected by FACEBOOK - Facebook allows protection for people who post false info: Facebook asserts "fact checks," created by third-party organizations and used to remove content or to suspend users, are nothing more than "protected opinions" in a court filing

Yelp can’t be forced to take down libelous reviews, court rules_VERGE

Major California Paper Attempts to Run Damage Control for Kamala Harris_REDSTATE

GOOGLE - New Brain Maps Can Predict Behaviors


“Students cannot wear clothing with the name of any musician or band unless the student can name at least three of their songs.” -

Elementary School Jokingly Threatens To Suspend Students After Kids Co-Opt Older Generations’ Heroes_DAILYCALLER

Google Tells Employees to Get Vaccinated or Be Fired_BREITBART

White Chicago drug dealer, 17, is given probation for fatally STABBING boy, 15, in marijuana sale gone wrong after judge said he is 'a bright kid with a bright future'_DAILYMAIL

“We Are In Different Times:” As Crime Continues to Surge, California Residents Resort to Leaving Their Cars Parked With the Trunk Open In Desperate Attempt To Deter Looters From Smashing The Windows – (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT


“As the first woman, and only the third black person to lead the NYPD in its 176-year history, I bring a different perspective, committed to making sure the department looks like the city it serves, and making the decision, just as Mayor-elect Adams did, to elevate women and people of color to leadership positions,” she said.

NYC to Get First Female Police Commissioner in 176-Year History_BLACKNEWSCHANNEL


Hair Hat Mafia - Page - Black Women in Politics_17GEN4

Malice - Baldwin - "I am God"

Alec Baldwin and Kim Potter both made mistakes - but Mike Byrd claimed self-defense. Gross incompetence does not absolve you of liability resulting from gross negligence.

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