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17GEN4 - Homepage 12/14/2020

Michigan Lawmaker Stripped Of Committees, Faces Further Disciplinary Action After Calling For Attacks On ‘Trumpers’

Antifa Coward Allegedly Stabs Multiple Trump Supporters…Proud Boys Beat The Hell Out Of Him…DC Cops Stand By And Watch [VIDEO]

BREAKING: US Treasury Reportedly Breached by Hackers Backed by a Foreign Government

WATCH: Belligerent Black Lives Matter Thugs Harass Elderly Woman in DC, ‘F*** Your Grandkids! F*** You!’

‘Defund the Police’ Activists Complain Cops Aren’t Protecting Them Enough

PHOTOS: Portland Leftists Build Warzone-Style Barriers to Keep Cops Out

Trump supporters, opponents clash after rally; at least 4 stabbed, 23 arrested_FOXNEWS

Trump supporters, counterprotesters violently clash in Olympia; 1 shot, 2 arrested_FOXNEWS

Antifa Coward Allegedly Stabs Multiple Trump Supporters…Proud Boys Beat The Hell Out Of Him…DC Cops Stand By And Watch [VIDEO]_GATEWAYPUNDIT

These Three Trump Judges Threw the President Under the Bus and the Texas Case in The Garbage_GATEWAYPUNDIT

REPORT: Joe Biden Already Planning Executive Orders On Gun Control_GATEWAYPUNDIT

St. Louis circuit attorney off McCloskey gun case after using it for fundraising, judge rules

Glenn Greenwald: It's a 'historic crime and disgrace' for media to avoid Hunter Biden story during election_FOXNEWS

Mainstream Media Waited Until After Nov. Vote To Acknowledge Hunter Biden Corruption_OANN


Philippines’ Duterte Vows to ‘Resign Tomorrow’ if Caught Taking Bribes_BREITBART

Susan Rice Departing Netflix Board to Join Biden Administration_BREITBART

Eric Swalwell’s Dad, Brother No Longer Facebook Friends with Suspected Chinese Spy_BREITBART

Hillary Clinton: ‘The Election Was Not Close … No Evidence of Fraud’_BREITBART

Ghislaine Maxwell and husband Scott Borgerson will put up $30 million bail in bid to get her home before Christmas_DAILYMAIL

Richard Grenell: Don’t forget those 50 intelligence officers who called the Hunter Biden emails Russian disinformation

FBI stepped in after suspected Chinese spy got close to Swalwell, other politicians, report finds

Tucker Carlson: Why is Eric Swalwell still on House Intel Committee after Chinese spy revelations?

Swalwell suggests Trump is behind blockbuster Axios report

Levin: The Supreme Court needs to intercede in 2020 election fraud investigations

HISTORY MADE: Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Scores Ratings Win Over FOX News Host Martha MacCallum for First Time Ever_GP

Suspected Chinese spy reportedly slept with, courted US officials to gain intel_NYPOST

VP-elect Kamala Harris' sister pushing for husband to be named attorney general: report_FOXNEWS

WATCH: Video Deleted From Chinese Social Media of Professor Saying China “Has People at the Top of America’s Core Inner Circle of Power and Influence”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Judge Sullivan Refuses to Dismiss Flynn Case After Pardon by President Trump; Rogue Judge Issues Orders Allowing Amicus Briefs in Case_GATEWAYPUNDIT

President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Valdosta, GA_RSBN

Medical license of Oregon doctor revoked for questioning COVID-19, face mask efficacy_BLAZE

Kyle Rittenhouse defense shaken up as prosecutor raises ethical concerns over attorney’s handling of donations_FOXNEWS

Trump plans to outshine Biden on Inauguration Day with opposing rally: report_FOXNEWS

JUXTAPOSITION OF TYRANNY - Los Angeles Bar Owner Furious to See Mayor Garcetti Approved Outdoor Dining Area For Movie Company Across From Her Shuttered Restaurant (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Chicago Teachers Union deletes tweet claiming school reopening push 'rooted' in sexism, racism, misogyny_FOXNEWS

San Diego school teachers offered ‘white privilege training' where participants commit to being ‘antiracist’_FOXNEWS

WATCH: Blue Lives Matter Flag, Anthem Protests Lead to Brawl During High School Football Game_BREITBART

California inmates may have bilked $400M from state's unemployment_FOXNEWS

CROOKS: Georgia Election Officials Warn Judge If they Are Not Allowed to Wipe Machines Clean “There Could be Grave and Serious Consequences”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Seattle's socialist councilwoman in bitter recall fight_FOXNEWS

Speech: Donald Trump Makes an Unscheduled Pre-Recorded Speech on the Election - December 2, 2020

“I Can’t Get a Job Any More Because Democrats Like to Ruin Your Life!” – GOP Witness GOES OFF at Michigan Hearing (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Republican Sens. John Cornyn, Susan Collins: Start New Year with DACA Amnesty_BREITBART

Trump warns Georgia voters, 'If you don't vote, the socialists and the communists win'_FOXNEWS

Firm co-owned by Ilhan Omar’s husband received $500G in COVID-19 bailout on top of millions from her campaign_FOXNEWS

Maxine Waters’ campaign paid her daughter $240G over 2019-20 election cycle, FEC records show_FOXNEWS

West Virginia cop shot in the face dead after pulled from life support; organs to be donated_FOXNEWS

'PRESIDENT DEFECT' - Update: Joe Biden Has “Hairline Fractures” in his Mid-Foot and Will “Likely Require Walking Boot For Several Weeks”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Twitter suspends election fraud witness_GatewayPundit

BLM faces revolt as local chapters allege power grab, murky finances_FOXNEWS

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