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17GEN4 - Homepage 11/24/2020

Lin Wood: Satanic Pedophilia In The White House (Pre-Trump) & Voter Fraud to Dovetail, Be Exposed At the Same Time

‘Do What Needs To Be Done’: Trump Directs His Administration To Begin The Transition Process With Biden

Report: New York’s Democrat Attorney General Puts Pressure on Business Leaders to Coerce Trump to Concede; Talk of Withholding Donations to GOP Georgia Senate Races_GP

Rush Limbaugh knocks Trump's legal team: They promised 'bombshells' at press conference and 'nothing happened'

NYTimes Says “Great Reset” Is A “Conspiracy Theory” On Same Day World Economic Forum Celebrates It_TRUEPUNDIT

“Sidney Is Staying the Course to Prove the Massive Deliberate Election Fraud” – Attorney Sidney Powell Suspended by Twitter — Releases Statement and Signs Off #KrakenOnSteroids_GP

Trump Campaign: Sidney Powell Not a Member of the Trump Legal Team

Rudy Giuliani: Sidney Powell not part of Trump’s legal team

Wauwatosa police arrest 15-year-old in connection with mall shooting that injured 8 people

Teen Vogue: ‘America’s Values Are White Supremacy and Capitalism’

China Used ‘Secret Microwave Pulse Weapon’ Against Indian Troops In Border Battle_TRUEPUNDIT

Ayanna Pressley: Canceling Student Debt Will Ensure ‘Equitable’ Economic Recovery_BREITBART

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Applauds Harry Styles for Wearing Dress on Vogue Cover_BREITBART

Bette Midler: Trump Will Execute Six More People On Death Row Because 258,000 ‘Isn’t Enough’_BREITBART

Just a reminder: Obama won his very first election by charging his opponents with election fraud. Oh, you didn't know?

Federal Judge Dismisses Trump Campaign Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

“Every Lie Will Be Revealed – They’re Going to be Shocked at Level of P*dophilia – Satanic Worship” – Lin Wood Does Not Hold Back in EXPLOSIVE “Thrive Time” Interview (VIDEO)_GP

“Georgia Is the First State I’m Going to Blow Up and Mr. Kemp and the Secretary of State Need to Go With It!” — Sidney Powell Releases the Kraken! (VIDEO)_GP

“Miscarriage of Justice” – Mark Levin Goes Off on Obama Judge That Dismissed Trump Campaign Lawsuit Seeking to Block Pennsylvania From Certifying Its Results_GP

San Fran DA Slings Biggest Bunch of Bull Against Kyle Rittenhouse_REDSTATE

ALMOST LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED...NO COVERAGE? Wauwatosa police: 'Investigators working tirelessly to identify and apprehend the suspect' in Mayfair shooting

CHICAGO: Nearly 40 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Lightfoot’s Chicago_BREITBART

Subway shoving, flamethrowers, shootings in NYC blamed on 'perfect storm' of police reform, pandemic_FOXNEWS

Sidney Powell just told us (unintentionally) why we will not see justice in the 2020 ELECTION: BOOM! Sidney Powell – President Trump Already Released the Kraken – Claims Obama Was Involved (VIDEO)

Kyle Rittenhouse Released on Bail Thanks to Donations From Thousands of Real Americans

Wisconsin mayor: Multiple people shot at mall, says injuries not life-threatening, shooter remains at-large

LIVE STREAM: Active shooter incident at Mayfair; multiple victims, perpetrator at large

Obamas producing Netflix sketch comedy series based on book detailing Trump transition chaos

Michigan GOP election official tells Laura Ingraham she was doxed over certification vote_FOXNEWS

“Drop and Roll” — How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From President Donald Trump (Video)

Wayne County GOP members rescind votes to certify election, claim Dems 'bullied' them

Did the Libertarians Spoil the Election?

Victor Davis Hanson warns of elites using COVID crisis to enact unpopular globalist policies

The Treehouse is Deplatformed…

BLM protester seen assaulting Trump supporters at 'Million MAGA March' ID'd as journalism student: report_FOXNEWS

BLM co-founder sends message to Biden: 'We want something for our vote'_FOXNEWS

#DUNDUHQ : Suspect in Breonna Taylor protest shooting indicted on assault, wanton endangerment charges_FOXNEWS

WATCH: D.C. Cops Direct Trump-Supporters into Gauntlet of Protesters, Do Nothing When They Are Assaulted_TRUEPUNDIT

Secret, Anti-Constitutional Wars? The Deep State Defense Department Is Out of Control_REDSTATE

America’s Social Credit System Is Worse Than China’s

WATCH: D.C. Cops Direct Trump-Supporters into Gauntlet of Protesters, Do Nothing When They Are Assaulted_BREITBART

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