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17GEN4 - Homepage 11/21/2020

Sidney Powell just told us (unintentionally) why we will not see justice in the 2020 ELECTION: BOOM! Sidney Powell – President Trump Already Released the Kraken – Claims Obama Was Involved (VIDEO)

Kyle Rittenhouse Released on Bail Thanks to Donations From Thousands of Real Americans

Wisconsin mayor: Multiple people shot at mall, says injuries not life-threatening, shooter remains at-large

LIVE STREAM: Active shooter incident at Mayfair; multiple victims, perpetrator at large

Obamas producing Netflix sketch comedy series based on book detailing Trump transition chaos

“What do we Have to Do to Get the FBI to Wake Up!?” – Rudy Giuliani BLASTS AWOL FBI over Voting Machine Irregularities and Election Fraud (VIDEO) - Is somebody going to tell Rudy? He still does not get it...

#BRETTKAVANAUGH - Biden transition adviser wanted Congress to probe justice last year_FOXNEWS

Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/19/20 FULL | Tucker Carlson November 19, 2020

Tucker Carlson: Time for Sidney Powell to show us her evidence_FOXNEWS

FOX News Dumpster Fire: Dana Perino Urges Dominion Voting to Sue Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell — Attorney Lin Wood Responds

There is no 's' in STEM...

Biden Press Release Misspells Kamala Harris’ Name_GP

Twitter Users Blast Ilhan Omar for Misspelling Gospel of Matthew_BREITBART

and another FOX NEWS TITLE - (ON or AT would be better here...) Cuban actress Broselianda Hernandez found dead in Miami Beach_FOXNEWS

Michigan GOP election official tells Laura Ingraham she was doxed over certification vote_FOXNEWS

“Drop and Roll” — How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From President Donald Trump (Video)

Wayne County GOP members rescind votes to certify election, claim Dems 'bullied' them

Did the Libertarians Spoil the Election?

Victor Davis Hanson warns of elites using COVID crisis to enact unpopular globalist policies

Parler CEO says platform serves as 'community town square'

The Treehouse is Deplatformed…

BLM protester seen assaulting Trump supporters at 'Million MAGA March' ID'd as journalism student: report_FOXNEWS

BLM co-founder sends message to Biden: 'We want something for our vote'_FOXNEWS

#DUNDUHQ : Suspect in Breonna Taylor protest shooting indicted on assault, wanton endangerment charges_FOXNEWS

WATCH: D.C. Cops Direct Trump-Supporters into Gauntlet of Protesters, Do Nothing When They Are Assaulted_TRUEPUNDIT

Secret, Anti-Constitutional Wars? The Deep State Defense Department Is Out of Control_REDSTATE

America’s Social Credit System Is Worse Than China’s

WATCH: D.C. Cops Direct Trump-Supporters into Gauntlet of Protesters, Do Nothing When They Are Assaulted_BREITBART

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Wikileaks: Soros-Linked Voting Machines Now Used in Most Battleground States Were Used to Rig the 2004 Venezuela Elections_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Conservative Treehouse “Deplatformed” from WordPress_GATEWAYPUNDIT

17GEN4 -

17GEN4 - Joe Biden, Tony Bobulinski, Campaign 2020

Violence and Trump Derangement Syndrome - 2020 Revolution - 17GEN4


Collection of Articles about Kamala Harris_17GEN4

Problems in Education - 17GEN4


What are black people superior at?_IDW

NEWS FROM The United States of Wakanda

17GEN4 - Black Journalism - The Wakanda Gazette

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