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17GEN4 - Homepage 11/17/2020


Ilhan Omar Calls Trump Campaign Rallies ‘Klan Rallies’ in Washington Post Interview_BREITBART

Actor Kumail Nanjiani: Trump ‘Going to Kill as Many People as He Possibly Can on His Way Out’_BREITBART

Whoopi Goldberg: The Republican Party ‘Doesn’t Care if You Drop Dead Because You Can’t Breathe’_BREITBART

Barack Obama: ‘Fever’ of Racism a ‘Defining Feature’ of American Experience_BREITBART

Wow! Michelle Obama Pops Up Her Head to Weigh in on Presidential Transition — Says “This Isn’t a Game”

AOC laments Dems losing House majority, even though they didn't

Florida man charged with involving 8-year-old boy in crime spree: 'I don't want him to be soft'

America’s Social Credit System Is Worse Than China’s

Law Firm Withdraws From Representing Trump Campaign After Lincoln Project Goes Full Stalin_REDSTATE

Target Reopens Looted Store In Minneapolis With Goal Of Being Less “Racist”_TRUEPUNDIT

SAF Sues Maryland over Regulations Limiting Concealed Permit Issuance_BREITBART

WATCH: D.C. Cops Direct Trump-Supporters into Gauntlet of Protesters, Do Nothing When They Are Assaulted_BREITBART

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Wikileaks: Soros-Linked Voting Machines Now Used in Most Battleground States Were Used to Rig the 2004 Venezuela Elections_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Conservative Treehouse “Deplatformed” from WordPress_GATEWAYPUNDIT

‘LOCK HER UP’: Trump Supporters Rally Outside Hillary Clinton’s Home After News That Biden is Considering Her for Ambassador to the UN (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

“It’s Massive, Criminal Voter Fraud! – It’s Going to Blow the Mind of Everyone In This Country!” – Sidney Powell on Dominion Systems (VIDEO)

If You Haven’t Quit Watching FOX News Yet… Watch this Clip of Leland Vittert laughing at a Trump Spokeswoman and You Will — VIDEO

Sidney Powell Drops a BOMB on Sunday Morning Futures: CIA May have Used Dominion for Its Own Benefit – Gina Haspel Should be Fired Immediately! (Video)

A Cautionary Note to Antifa and BLM Thugs Contemplating “Civil War”_REDSTATE

WATCH: Antifa Accosts Women, Children, Elderly, and Restaurant-Goers After MAGA March_BREITBART

Trump Supporter Family Attacked by Black Lives Matter Mob in DC_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Trump blasts 'ANTIFA SCUM,' media after violence mars MAGA marches in DC_FOXNEWS

Young Trump Supporting Couple Terrorized By Antifa in DC, Attacked by ‘Medic’_GATEWAYPUNDIT


‘Million MAGA March’ and counter demonstrators expected to rally Saturday_MSN

Pro-Trump supporters descend on DC for 'Million MAGA March' near White House_FOXNEWS

“Million MAGA March” Gets Permit for Rally

This Is How The Left Is Planning To Destroy Trump If He Leaves Office_REDSTATE

'We can have Wakanda. We just have to build it': Nineteen families buy 97 acres of land in Georgia to create black-only 'safe space' town called Freedom - but whites who are 'pro-African American' can apply to live there_DAILYMAIL

Candace Owens blasts 'despicable' Obama book claiming Trump election was racist reaction_FOXNEWS

Scoop: Trump eyes digital media empire to take on Fox News_AXIOS

Biden could alter Big Tech's Section 230 protections, reinstate 'net neutrality'_FOXNEWS

Chicago Had 53 Legislative Candidates That Ran Unopposed In 2020. That’s Ridiculous._REDSTATE

Alito: ‘Tolerance for Opposing Views Is Now in Short Supply in Many Law Schools’_BREITBART

Liberals were Blacklisting Good American Scientists Long before President Trump_REDSTATE


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17GEN4 - Joe Biden, Tony Bobulinski, Campaign 2020

Violence and Trump Derangement Syndrome - 2020 Revolution - 17GEN4


Collection of Articles about Kamala Harris_17GEN4

Problems in Education - 17GEN4


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