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17GEN4 - Homepage 10/29/2021

It is the character of those judging us whose character needs to be judged...



Biden Regime to Pay Hundreds of Millions to Illegal Alien Families ‘Separated’ at Border in 2018 – $450,000 Per Illegal Alien_GATEWAYPUNDIT


Don't hedge funds do this all the time?

"Turning Lies Into Cash" - Twitter User Arrested For Pump-And-Dump Scheme_ZEROHEDGE


Kamala Harris 'predicted' the supply chain crisis or did she just warn us it was going to happen?_17GEN4

OBSERVATION: There seems to be no issues with the 'supply chain' of illegal immigration


Law Firms That Raced To Defend Terrorists In Gitmo Leave Jan. 6 Defendants Out To Dry


Alleged Cyber Criminal Credited for Hacking Gab and Epik Has History of Being An FBI Asset; Admits "Anonymous" Has Support of US Intelligence

Iran gas stations reportedly hit by massive cyberattack_JERUSALEMPOST

Almost all of the senators supposed to be holding Big Tech accountable are bankrolled by Google

El Salvador ‘Buys the Dip’, Acquires 420 Additional Bitcoin_COINDESK

Email from Loudoun Co. superintendent alerted school board on day of bathroom assault

Denied entry, man with kidney problems dies at door of CDMX hospital_MEXICO

Good Times...‘Flesh-Eating’ STD that causes ‘Beefy Red’ sores is spreading in UK_FOXNEWS

This school tuned them all into homos - Kentucky high school investigating 'man pageant' event with lap dances, Hooters outifts_FOXNEWS

Barack Obama Calls Outcry over Loudoun County Rape Coverup ‘Phony, Trumped-Up Culture War’_BREITBART

ADL Publishes Ridiculous Halloween Costume Guide Urging Parents to Avoid ‘Costumes That Perpetuate Gender Norms’_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Obama: Change Happening ‘Too Rapidly’ for Many, While Others Tired of Deferring Dreams_BREITBART

Pelosi Confirms Wealth Tax On Billionaires' Unrealized Gains Is On The Way_ZEROHEDGE

Conservative pundit Candace Owens attacks Alec Baldwin over accidental shooting calling it 'poetic justice' for his previous criticism of Donald Trump_DAILYMAIL

Migrant caravan containing thousands travels through Mexico toward US border: 'Tell Biden we are coming'_FOXNEWS

San Francisco residents are hiring private security to patrol their streets in bid to stay safe, amid crime spike that has left many fearful of going outside during the DAY_DAILYMAIL

FINALLY MAKING HEADLINES: As TGP Reported in August — Dr. Fauci Used Taxpayer Money to Have Dogs Tortured and Eaten Alive By Parasite-Infected Flies (PHOTOS)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Juvenile Court Judge Finds Sufficient Evidence Teen Sexually Assaulted Girl in Loudoun County High School Bathroom_GATEWAYPUNDIT

It is the character of those judging us whose character needs to be judged...


Nearly 50% of Republicans believe there will be a time soon where 'patriotic Americans' will 'have to take the law into their own hands'_DAILYMAIL

Too big to cover alone: Newsrooms team up_AXIOS

College enrollment notched the largest two-year decline in 50 years_CNBC


CHICAGO mayor Lori Lightfoot's Universal Basic Income 'PILOT' program isn't the first, just an extension of the one put in place by Rahm Emanuel

Chicago poised to create one of the nation’s largest ‘guaranteed basic income’ programs_MSN


President Trump and Fake Conservatives_SEBASTIANGORKA







Attorney: Timberview High School Shooter Timothy Simpkins Was Severely Bullied

Prosecutors seek to keep focus on Kyle Rittenhouse's actions, not those of police

BLACK Houston teenager charged with 3 counts of murder released from jail, permitted to attend school


I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE: Rutgers professor slams white people as 'villains' while defending critical race theory: 'Take these motherf***ers out'

Washington Post Turns to Victim Shaming of a Minor to Preserve Narrative in Loudoun County School Rape Case_REDSTATE

EVERYDAY HEROES: New Jersey assistant teacher is suspended ‘after saying “We don’t negotiate with terrorists” to Muslim boy, 17, who asked for more time to complete math assignment’_DAILYMAIL

GO FUND ME? China Tells Evergrande Billionaire to Pay off His Insolvent Company’s $300 Billion in Debt with His $8 Billion in Worth_TGP


Two Days After Asking Biden to Target Parents as ‘Domestic Terrorists’, Biden Appoints National School Boards Association President Viola Garcia to a Federal Board Overseeing Student Progress_GATEWAYPUNDIT


KIDS THESE DAYS: 3 Florida teens planned brutal murder of high school senior killed with knife and sword, police say_FOXNEWS


THIS IS AWESOME because not only is the Biden/Harris admin involved in human trafficking, but they are using kids to traffick other kids and do business with drug cartels - Border cartels using TikTok, social media to recruit US teens to smuggle migrants_NYPOST

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