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17GEN4 - Homepage 10/24/2021

It is the character of those judging us whose character needs to be judged... _____________________________________ ALEC BALDWIN - SCHADENFREUDE FREUDENSCHADE Alec Baldwin’s Negligent Discharge: Unhinged Actor May Face Involuntary Manslaughter Charges_TGP _______________________________________________________________ Like the rapist accusing the victim of rape... Nevada man charged with voter fraud, accused of casting ballot using dead wife's name_FOXNEWS I i figured out what this retarded whore was trying to say... article to follow Kamala Harris Blurts Out Bizarre Line During Speech on Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda, “I Eat and Drink No For Breakfast” (VIDEO)_TGP _______________________________________________________________ Email Sent by Loudoun County Superintendent Shows School Board KNEW About Sexual Assault by a Transgender Student The Day it Happened_TGP AG Merrick Garland instructed the FBI to take the lead on a task force to address threats against school officials_FOXNEWS _______________________________________________________________ 'DOCTOR' that looks looks like a stripper returns to the scene... She must have another book coming out... Dr. Saphier: Children have been hurt enough by lockdowns. Think twice before mandating a vaccine for kids_FOXNEWS _______________________________________________________________ DAVE CHAPPELLE - STATE OF THE STATE _______________________________________________________________ MASSIVE ILLEGAL CARAVAN Marches Through Mexico with “Joe Biden Is for All” Sign on Way to Open US Border (VIDEO)_TGP ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ Kamala Harris' birthday party #porchmonkey

It is the character of those judging us whose character needs to be judged... ___________________________ ​ ​ I hope your children all get raped by Muslims...coming soon... _______________________________________________________________ Retard nation: US Intelligence Agencies Release New Report on Dangers of Global Warming Just Weeks After Losing Afghanistan to Taliban_TGPFive sex offenders including two violent pedophiles were placed in homeless shelter within a block of $36k-a-year elementary school in Manhattan - and only moved after outraged parents found out_DAILYMAIL ______________________________________________________________ ​ IRS to go after 'thieves' - not the ones who rob your local bodegas and rape your children and family members - no. Those thieves are protected by the Soros funded prosecutors across the nation. As the Harris/Biden administration goes on a reckless spending spree for the purpose of bankrupting a nation... which will be used AS THE EXCUSE TO ROB YOU while the porch monkeys make out like bandits... I don't know what to tell you. ​ The $10,000 IRS Tax Dragnet Treasury wants to snoop on bank accounts to trigger more audits._WSJ _______________________________________________________________ And you want to be my latex salesman? Record 2 Million Migrants Cross Border Between Ports of Entry During Past 12 Months_BREITBART

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