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17GEN4 - Homepage - 10/12/2020

Viewership for NBA Finals Finale Crashes Nearly 70%, Beaten by Random Sunday Night Football Game_BREITBART

YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND BLACK CULTURE: California police arrest 76 after Lakers' celebration turns 'violent and destructive'_FOXNEWS

Live: Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation hearings | Day 1 - YOUTUBE

Schumer says Democrats won't give GOP quorum to advance Barrett nomination_FOXNEWS

Read: Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Opening Statement Ahead of Her Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing_SCRIBD

LEFTIST 'ANTI-RACIST' - Chicago Public School Teacher James Klock_17GEN4


State Records: Congressional candidate Underwood, living in DC, voted illegally in Illinois' 2016 primary_WCG

Jaime Harrison, Lindsey Graham challenger, raises record $57 million in 3rd quarter_CBS

EXCLUSIVE: Police Say Denver Killer Is Security Guard and Is Not Antifa – But All Evidence Suggests This is Not the Case_GATEWAYPUNDIT

WEIRD: Early Reports Claimed Killer of Trump Supporter in Denver Is a Security Guard But He’s Not Registered In Colorado’s Security Guard Database_GATEWAYPUNDIT

South Africa Sets Rules for Confiscating Land from White Farmers without Compensation_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Joliet, IL Mayor Bob O'Dekirk and Police Officers Sued after video shows attack on black protester_17GEN4

Soros Groomed Black High School Kids to Cultivate Identitarian Politicians_17GEN4

College professors let loose profane criticism of Pence during VP debate_FOXNEWS

Not Making Headlines: Alleged “Right-wing” Militia Member Arrested for Plot Against Gov. Whitmer Was Black Lives Matter Protester and Sympathizer_GATEWAYPUNDIT

TUCKER - THE GOP is not helping the Right when it comes to fairness online_FOXNEWS

CHICAGO: KIM FOXX - Meet victim of 'social justice' Jim Van Buskirk_17GEN4

Black ANIMALS Matter - Rioters Attacked the Home of a Terrified 70-Year-Old Woman (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Suspects in Whitmer plot photographed with long guns at Michigan Capitol_FOXNEWS

MI Gov. Whitmer: No ‘Artificial Deadlines’ for Announcing Election Results

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Video of Joe Biden Calling for a Muslim Jihad Was Created, Translated, Promoted and Endorsed By the US Government_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Left-wing Activists Planning to “Shut Things Down” if Trump Wins Re-election_CONSEVATIVEBRIEF

Report: Left Mobilizes for ‘Mass Public Unrest,’ ‘Political Apocalypse’ Expected If Biden Loses_BREITBART

Protesters in Wisconsin clash with cops, toss rocks at private homes after decision not to charge cop in shooting_FOXNEWS

St. Louis Grand Jury Indicts McCloskeys Add Extra Charge of Tampering with Evidence_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Meet Chicago's Hair Hat Mafia: Lightfoot, Foxx, Stratton, Van Pelt, Underwood_17GEN4

Joe Biden Town Hall Hosted By Lester Holt | NBC News NOW_YOUTUBE

17GEN4 - Problems in Education

17GEN4 - The 2020 Revolution - VIOLENCE - Fueled by Dem Rhetoric. Encouraged by Kamal Harris, AOC, etc.

17GEN4 - Collection of Episodes of Trump Derangement Syndrome


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