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17GEN4 - Homepage 10/1/2020

THAT’S WEIRD: The Man Arrested in Ambush Shooting of Two LA Deputies is Taller than the Shooter in the Video_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Leftist Former CEO of Twitter Dick Costolo Wants to Watch His Political Opponents Get Lined Up Against a Wall and Shot in the “Revolution”_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Compton shooting: Charges filed in ambush of 2 deputies earlier this month_FOXNEWS

American cyclist suspended from team over so-called 'divisive' tweet supporting Trump_FOXNEWS

California governor signs corporate boardroom diversity law_FOXNEWS

Pritzker among 12 Democratic governors vowing that all votes will be counted_FOXNEWS

Connecticut sports reporter fired after calling Sen. Tim Scott an ‘Uncle Tom’_FOXNEWS

State Records: Congressional candidate Underwood, living in DC, voted illegally in Illinois' 2016 primary_WCG

Meet Chicago's Hair Hat Mafia: Lightfoot, Foxx, Stratton, Van Pelt, Underwood_17GEN4

New Craze: Social Media ‘Challenge’ Encourages Children To Set Fires At Swedish School_BREITBART

Hunter Biden’s First Drug Bust Among Several Incidents was at 18 and Just Last Week He Was Linked to a Russian Human Trafficking Ring_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Michigan School Board Reverses Support for Black Lives Matter Movement After Pushback_TRUEPUNDIT

Oregon Governor Finally Gets Tough on Protesters … Conservative Protesters_TRUEPUNDIT

Trespassers Won’t Be Prosecuted in McCloskey Case After All_REDSTATE

The Head of the FTC Is Yet Another Tyrannical Deep State Swamp Creature_REDSTATE

Empower America Conference to Focus on Training Minority Conservative Candidates Seeking Election_REDSTATE

Soros Groomed Black High School Kids to Cultivate Identitarian Politicians_17GEN4

Omaha Bar Owner Charged For Killing Rioter Who Attacked Him and His Business Has Committed Suicide_FOXNEWS

“Yes” – Kamala Harris Agrees with the Claim that America is Founded on “Racism, Sexism and Other Evils” (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

Trump’s Right: Drudge Report’s Audience Is Down Nearly 40% From Last Year_THEWRAP

Research Finds Google Responsible for 2.6 – 10.4 Million Votes for Hillary in 2016 Election_17GEN4


White Democrat Mayor Fist Fights Black Protester - No Charges Filed (VIDEO) - allegedly_17GEN4

Why is Bob O’Dekirk still mayor of Joliet, IL?_GMS

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