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17GEN4 EXCLUSIVE - Drama Queen Laura Loomer fake 'Red Flag' story used to solicit $20K Donations

Wannabe Kardashian journalist of the political Right-Wing, Laura Loomer, recently started soliciting donations for a lawsuit she wishes to file (not a legal defense fund) on her website claiming she has been 'red flagged.' The problem with her fundraising campaign is that Loomer does not seem to understand what it means to be 'red flagged.'

Loomer claims to have been denied a 'carry permit' after having failed a standard NICS background check. She states she has committed no criminal offenses that would have prevented her from obtaining a license to legally carry a firearm. I believe her on that point - surely one should would be aware of any illegal behavior that would prevent them from obtaining licensure.

During Loomer's sales pitch, she drones on about how she has been kicked off of social media, financially platformed as well as endured various other injustices we are all familiar with at this point. For some reason, she also mentions the inconvenience of flying home from a vacation in El Salvador, where she was working on her book, wherein we are all supposed to feel sorry for her because she was questioned by security, she claims, because of what is written on her wikipedia page. All while she was working to serve us, the little people, with her ongoing fight for freedom and justice in America. I wonder how much she spent on her vacation instead of working on her book from home, while she asks her followers for $20K.!?

I seem to remember a guy who contacted Laura Loomer after he had been illegally 'red flagged' in a state before that state even legally adopted red flag laws. In fact, this guy only had his 'carry permit' for about a week, and never even carried a gun, when after merely having the legal permit issued to him - 'red flag laws' were illegally used against him. No illegal offenses occurred and no crimes were committed. The guy got into a verbal disagreement with someone where there were no threats made, of any kind, and the other individual had a friend who happened to be a police officer who illegally used that man's legal licensure against him to help his friend file a false police report with the intention of issuing an Order of Protection based on the completely unfounded fear that the friend of the police officer cited as "I am afraid he is going to shoot me."

Remember - no guns were present and no threats of any kind were made.

A letter shows up in the guy's mailbox that reads nothing like the letter that Loomer took a picture of in her article. The letter that this guy received said that if he did not surrender his legally owned firearms and permits within 48 hours of receiving the letter, that a warrant for his arrest would be issued. No due process. Completely unfounded claims; claims which he was completely unaware of at that point because nobody from law enforcement had contacted him in person or otherwise. There was no notification of what the charges even were at that point. Loomer had ZERO concern for this individual's 'fight for freedom' as she claims to be representing now.

Loomer also cites the costliness of personal security. Laughable. And FYI - there is no 'secret "no buy" list. Loomer is in love with the idea of being in love with herself. Loomer failed a 'NIC' check, supposedly. But the good news is that Loomer apparently can afford at least looking into the cost of ultra-secret personal security. The high profile figure that she wants to be.

The last thing that we need in this country is another neocon journalist or representative of Congress who only has their best interests in mind.

Screw you Loomer. You should work your way up through the ranks working for and representing the people you claim you are going to fight for and represent only after you are elected. Good news is that Kanye is getting divorced. You will probably have better luck going that route than claiming to speak on behalf of the American people.

You can read her 'cries for help' here:

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