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keywords: Give Rodney another chance, fellas, lovely ladies, it is not because they are black, it is because of something else, fast food crimes, misbehavior on airplanes, Congressional Black Caucus, 'it's cause they ain't got no jobs,' driving while black, doing just about anything 'while black.' The test is racist, the laws are racist, society is racist

252. Southwest flight attendant hospitalized after alleged assault by passenger_FOX

Chicago man accused of killing college graduate, selling his electronics for $100: police_FOXNEWS

250. Henry Ruggs blames 'slow' firefighters for death of women he hit at 156mph: His attorneys claim they didn't put out blaze for 20 minutes after 'drunk' Raiders star plowed into victim's car_DAILYMAIL

249. BLM Leader Threatens ‘Riots, Fire, Bloodshed’ in New York City if Mayor-Elect Eric Adams Gets Tough on Crime_GATEWAYPUNDIT

248. HORROR: 62-Year-Old Man Brutally Attacked, Stabbed and Slashed by Group of ‘Teens’ Near Times Square (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

247. Texas man held in shooting deaths of sister, her boyfriend_FOXNEWS

246. Man accused of raping woman on Philadelphia SEPTA train as passengers 'filmed it' is an illegal Congolese immigrant with sex abuse and drugs rap sheet who should have been deported in 2015_DAILYMAIL

245. Louisiana teen faces up to 10-years in prison for alleged TikTok-inspired beating of disabled teacher_FOXNEWS

244. One dead, seven wounded in shooting at Grambling State_NYPOST

243. Man charged with shooting five at Alabama high school football game_NYPOST

242. CHICAGO: $500 to get out of jail for man accused of firing gun inside Loop convenience store_CWBCHICAGO

Chicago Man Beats Woman Walking Her Dog After She Tells Him to Quit Masturbating in the Street_GP

240. Black Woman Charged with Faking Hate Crime Threats, in Disguise as KKK Member_AMGREATNESS

239. 'Whiteness is not a culture!': BLM activists at Arizona State University scream at two white students with Police Lives Matter stickers on their laptops before forcing them out of a 'multicultural learning space'_DAILYMAIL

238. Chicago City Worker Accused of Killing 12-Year-Old Son in Dispute Over Memory Card_NBC

237. Minnesota Prosecutor to Stop Prosecuting Traffic Stops In Protest of ‘Police Brutality’_AMGREATNESS

236. Minnesota Man Who Shot At Cops During George Floyd Protests ‘Acquitted’ After Claiming It Was ‘Self Defense’_GATEWAYPUNDIT

235. New Orleans 911 operator sought after deliberately disconnecting calls, police say_FOXNEWS

234. Arizona male nurse gets 'slap on the wrist' plea deal in rape of incapacitated patient who later bore child_FOXNEWS

233. Investigation launched after cop “violently attacks” Black woman who’s walking her dog at North Avenue Beach_CWB

232. BLM activist soccer player charged with four counts of rape

Portland woman charged with murder after running over husband in grocery store parking lot_FOXNEWS

230. Chicago boy, 17, is held over murder of woman, 70, who was shot dead in her car as she tried to flee carjacking outside supermarket where she worked_DAILYMAIL

Teen held in ambush killing of elderly Chicago woman, another suspect sought_NYPOST

229. Tourist punched in face in random Times Square attack_NYPOST

228. NYC 17-year-old charged with murder in sweet sixteen party shooting_NYPOST

227. Shooter opened fire on Miami Beach tourist, danced over body: witness_NYPOST

Tourist, 21, is shot dead protecting his baby son from man 'high on mushrooms' while having dinner with his family at a Miami Beach restaurant - and gunman celebrated by DANCING on top of victim's body_DAILYMAIL

226. CTA robber busted after buying ski mask with victim’s Amazon account, prosecutors say_CWB

225. NYC man is charged with helping dispose of body of prostitute, 42, found dead in barrel after party at Manhattan apartment building with gang member_GATEWAYPUNDIT

224. Man, 41, 'who bashed NYC straphanger with a hammer' is arrested in attack on teen on subway platform hours later - after being freed without bail in April before being held AGAIN in July_DAILYMAIL

223. Woman accuses Nicki Minaj's husband of rape, says pair harassed her in lawsuit_FOXNEWS

222. ‘American Idol’ star Syesha Mercado’s newborn baby seized by authorities_FOXNEWS

221. Teen Arrested For Murder After Mom, 8-Year-Old Daughter Found Tied To Bed And Fatally Shot_DAILYMAIL

220. Darriynn Brown, 18, is indicted for capital murder after 'kidnapping four-year-old boy Cash Gernon from his Texas bedroom and then stabbing him to death'_DAILYMAIL

219. Lyft driver who assaulted country singer Clare Dunn arrested, charged with misdemeanor assault_FOXNEWS

218. Bank of America executive’s ex-boyfriend beat her to death, prosecutors say_FOXBUSINESS

217. Alabama woman attacked at gas station, surveillance video shows_FOXNEWS

216. Man beats off-duty Chicago police officer, bites off friend’s nipple in road rage incident: report_FOXNEWS

215. Mother of brothers charged in fatal shooting of Chicago Police Officer Ella French is arrested, police say_FOXNEWS

214. Texas cop killer gets death sentence after San Antonio detective's execution-style slaying_FOXNEWS

213. Man saves twin girls from house fire, but family loses everything_FOX

212. Five children under the age of 10 are killed in apartment blaze in St. Louis_DAILYMAIL

Man charged with killing Gone Girl actress Lisa Banes in E-Scooter hit-and-run is almost RELEASED from NYC court until judge realizes blunder and sets bail at $30K_DAILYMAIL

210. Female assassin who shot dead single mom, 42, on a NYC street is a 'friend' of victim and 'lured her to scene with a phone call': NYPD hunt for suspect amid ongoing surge in Big Apple gun crime_DAILYMAIL

209. 'Woke America is like N.Korea': Defector Yeonmi Park reveals she was mugged in Chicago by three black women but when she restrained one she was called racist and forced by white bystanders to let her GO_DAILYMAIL

208. Cops looking for man who’s beating Blue Line passengers with a handgun_CWB

207. Indiana mother accused of fatally shooting husband, taking ax to his legs_FOXNEWS

206. Nashville police release chilling 911 calls, video of workplace shooting that left 3 wounded, gunman dead_FOXNEWS

205. DC robbery suspects caught on camera wrestling victim to ground, beating him at gas station_FOXNEWS

204. Lawsuit Filed Against Wake Forest University Over Coach Who Killed Man With One Punch_GATEWAYPUNDIT

203. Louisiana groom arrested on his wedding night after allegedly opening fire on highway with wife, friend in car_FOXNEWS

202. Illinois teen found beaten to death, 55-year-old neighbor arrested_FOXNEWS

South Carolina man 'stabbed USC student Samantha Josephson, 21, 100 times before dumping her body after she mistook him for her Uber ride', says prosecution_DAILYMAIL

200. Complaint: Mayor Warren’s husband made a drug deal with their daughter in tow_RCN

199. Rochester Mayor and her husband are hit with charges of firearms possession and endangering a child after unsecured guns were found in their home during raid_DAILYMAIL

198. Oh, Chicago! Woman gets carjacked while trying to recover her stolen car on West Side, prosecutors say_CWB

197. A brawl outside Shake Shack in Detroit involving up to a dozen young girls was caught on camera_MSN

196. Law & Order actor, Isiah Stokes, 41, is charged with murder for 'shooting man 10 times in a daylight execution after argument over a woman in NYC'_DAILYMAIL

195. NFL pro Richard Sherman and wife Ashley hold hands as they arrive in court where he's hit with FIVE criminal charges for 'drunkenly trying to break into his in-laws' home after she phoned 911 on him_DAILYMAIL

194. 'Oh my god, my boy!' Moment Queens mom pulls her five-year-old son from brazen kidnapper's car window after he tried to take the boy off a street_DAILYMAIL

193. Wild moment Detroit woman drags car thief, 19, out of barbershop by the hair and makes citizens' arrest after accusing him of stealing her Mercedes_DAILYMAIL

192. Pennsylvania woman, 40, is sentenced to life in prison after she intentionally hit and killed her boyfriend with a minivan and DRAGGED his body 30-feet because she 'felt disrespected and ignored'_DAILYMAIL

Shocking moment gang killer shoots dead a 21-year-old 'Crips member' on a CitiBike at point-blank range in broad daylight in Brooklyn as NYC gun violence rises 43% from 2020_DAILYMAIL

190. HORROR: Woman Screams as She’s Attacked, Robbed and Carjacked in San Francisco Bay Area Parking Garage in Broad Daylight (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

189. Carjacker killed 73-year-old veteran just 2 months after pleading guilty to an earlier hijacking, prosecutors say_CWB

188. Steelers' Dwayne Haskins sustained 'substanial injuries' in incident with wife, police say_FOXNEWS

187. 'Where's my reward at?' Woman wanted in connection to murder is caught after she commented on Tulsa police's Most Wanted Facebook post_DAILYMAIL

186. Three Bronx teens are shot dead in 'major gang war': Cops blast 'soft' criminal justice system for letting violent criminals back on the streets_DAILYMAIL

185. Coordinated crime sprees forcing retailers to close stores, limit hours_FOXNEWS

184. Suspended Baltimore police officer 'hid the body of his stepson, 15, in a loft wall then tried to grab gun away from cop during his arrest'_DAILYMAIL

183. NFL player arrested for indecency with a child and sexual contact, could face 20 years in jail_FOXNEWS

182. Chiefs' Frank Clark could face up to three years in prison with possession of assault weapon: reports_FOXNEWS

Five teens have been arrested in the killing of an 8-year-old girl in Statesville. The fourth suspect is still on the run_WFMY

180. Georgia golf course shooting suspect bound victims with tape, investigators allege_FOXNEWS

179. San Francisco Neiman Marcus hit by shoplifters who fled with merchandise_FOXNEWS

178. New York City Continues Meltdown From a Blowtorch of Violence_GATEWAYPUNDIT

177. 23-Year-Old Woman Slashed in the Chest Near Times Square After Ignoring Man’s Cat Calls_GATEWAYPUNDIT

176. Chicago crowd sets fireworks, dances on cop cars; at least 61 arrested: report_FOXNEWS

175. Chicago’s Bloody 4th of July Weekend: 92 Shot, 16 Fatally, 6 Children Among Injured_GATEWAYPUNDIT

174. Chicago university student dies after hit by stray bullet while riding train home from internship_FOXNEWS

173. Rising college football star, 18, is killed after more than 50 bullets were fired into his car in the Florida Panhandle_DAILYMAIL

172. Florida man allegedly ambushed officer outside police HQ, wrestled for his gun_FOXNEWS

Suspected serial killer indicted on 41 felony counts after 'vicious' spree_FOXNEWS

170. Indiana man, 26, who hit and killed two Norte Dame students in drunk driving accident is sentenced to just 60 days after pleading guilty to two misdemeanors_DAILYMAIL

169. Florida cop shooting suspect indicted on attempted murder charge_FOXNEWS

168. 14-Year-Old Who Carjacked, Murdered Uber Eats Driver in DC Sentenced to Juvenile Detention_GATEWAYPUNDIT

167. Indiana police officer fatally 'ambushed' at federal building on same day two ATF agents shot in Chicago_FOXNEWS

166. #CHICAGO - Guy who did nothing wrong charged with gun crime while criminals go free_17GEN4

165. ESPN removes Rachel Nichols from NBA Finals sideline coverage after leaked comments_CBS

164. Rioter who attacked police during George Floyd riots gets 18 months in federal prison_FOXNEWS

163. Pittsburgh police searching for ‘violent offender’ accused of assaulting woman_FOXNEWS

162. 2 Haitian Americans arrested in President Jovenel Moïse assassination, officials say_FOXNEWS

NEW VIDEO: Black-Clad Hoodlums Were First Up the Stairs, First to Smash Windows at US Capitol — But FBI Refuses to Look for Them – Weird, Huh?_GATEWAYPUNDIT

160. Georgia Man is Arrested on Murder Charges After Golf Pro and Two Other Men Are Found Dead on Golf Course_GATEWAYPUNDIT

159. CNN, C-SPAN Scrub Rumored Babbitt Shooter’s Name from Transcript of House Sergeant at Arms Testimony_GATEWAYPUNDIT

158. Antifa Attack an Asian Man in LA, and What Police Do Will Leave You Fuming_REDSTATE

157. The Homeless on Venice Beach, California Are Out of Control – One Man Is Beaten While Sitting on the Sidewalk (Video)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

156. BLM Rioter Who Smashed Car Window In A Toddler's Face Avoids Jail After Lawyer Says It Was An "Emotional Time"_ZEROHEDGE

155. Aggressive BLM Activists Block Minneapolis City Council Member’s Car, Force Her to Sign Statement Saying Rioter’s Charges Will Be Dropped (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

154. Jodi Shaw speaks out on Smith College resignation after White staff dubbed bigots in 'eating while Black' case_FOXNEWS

153. "Just Another Summer Weekend Of Mayhem": 77 Shot In Chicago As Understaffed PD Braces For July 4th_ZEROHEDGE

Last year's hot, chaotic July 4 weekend saw 89 people shot, including 17 fatally.

152. NYPD hunting for Times Square shooter as officials announce new plan to flood area with more cops_FOXNEWS

151 Lori Lightfoot Wants To Fight Racism While Crime Runs Rampant In Chicago | Quality Control With Jobob_DAILYCALLER

150. Two Teenagers Charged With Hijacking A Vehicle With A Toddler In Back Seat_DAILYCALLER

149. CHICAGO: Crazy dashcam video captures frightening moment gunmen open fire at busy traffic light_BLAZE

148. Moment gunman opens fire during wild brawl in upstate New York Walmart parking lot, killing boy, 18, and injuring three others, including a 15-year-old girl_DAILYMAIL

147. NFAC Militia Member Wanted for Shooting Police Officer in the Head in Florida

146. Florida cop-shooting suspect, linked to Black militia group, nabbed after FBI joins manhunt_FOXNEWS

145. Portland Police: Calm Down Everyone, The Man We Shot Was White!_INFOWARS

144. Is Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Really This Clueless?_GATEWAYPUNDIT

143. UNHINGED Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark A. Milley GOES OFF During Testimony – Blames “White Rage” for Jan. 6 Attacks – Brags About Reading Marx and Lenin (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

142. Crazy Biden Admin Issues Order Mandating Race Training at Every Level of the Federal Government_GATEWAYPUNDIT

New Jersey home commandeered by 'sovereign citizens' of Al Moroccan Empire'_FOXNEWS

140. Man in custody in connection to NYC shooting inches away from kids: police_FOXNEWS

139. VIDEO: Armed Citizen Holds Carjacker At Gunpoint, Mocks Him For Not Knowing How To Drive Stick Shift_NATIONALFILE

138. Man who shot Daytona Beach police officer in the head arrested_ABC

137. Gunman on dirt bike fires on NYC motorist in broad daylight_NYPOST

136. Rioting in Portland on Thursday Night After Police Shooting -- Turned out They Shot a White Guy, So Everyone Left_REDSTATE

135. YouTube Censors Video Of Uber Driver Assaulted In His Car_DAILYCALLER

134. Gunman on dirt bike fires on NYC motorist in broad daylight_NYPOST

133. Black Suspect Accused of Two Day Long Shooting Spree Was Targeting White Males, According to Police_GATEWAYPUNDIT

132. Wife of man shot while jogging in Atlanta's wealthiest neighborhood Buckhead says residents are fleeing the area 'because they feel unsafe' amid growing calls for it to SECEDE from the city and get its own police force_DAILYMAIL

131. Judge denies bond for man accused of stabbing pregnant woman in Brookhaven_CBS46

130. Man arrested for shoving West Village diner cook into plate glass window_NYPOST

129. Wild Brooklyn gunfight captured on surveillance video_FOXNEWS

128. Louisiana mom accused of helping her 2 sons flee state after triple murder: reports_FOXNEWS

127. Florida suspect in Publix shooting that left grandmother, grandson, 1, dead identified_FOXNEWS

126. North Dakota girl, 14, dies after being beaten, choked and stabbed 25 times in random attack while skateboarding home: Suspect, 23, 'tells cops he did meth the day before and doesn't remember anything'_DAILYMAIL

125. Queens man charged with murder in death of 10-year-old Justin Wallace_NYPOST

124. 'You're not even from this country, you ch**k!' Shocking moment man hurls slurs at Asian NYPD officer before yelling 'black people can't be racist'_DAILYMAIL

123. Video: Bystanders confront armed carjacker in West Town_CWB

122. NEW: 350-Pound Man Who Brutally Assaulted Woman at Gas Station Arrested – Currently on Parole For Assault_GATEWAYPUNDIT

121. Fight Breaks Out at Miami International Airport Check-In Counter (VIDEO)

120. PICTURED: Armed black man, 32, with long rap sheet - including 20 arrests - who was wanted for violating probation for aggravated robbery before he was shot dead by Minneapolis cops, sparking a night of protests at dismantled George Floyd Square_DAILYMAIL

119. Fiery protests rage yet again in Minneapolis after cops fatally shoot armed fugitive_NYPOST

118. Multiple Violent Brawls Break Out at Erie, PA Amusement Park (VIDEO)_GATEWAYPUNDIT

117. Lawmen lasso “Census Cowboy” after he shuts down Dan Ryan again_CWB

116. Suspects charged in slayings of decorated military couple outside Virginia home_NYPOST

115. Students Attack 14-Year-Old In Classroom, Mom Joins In_DAILYCALLER

114. Queens man allegedly drugged and raped daughter’s teen friends_NYPOST

113. Suspect in Cash Gernon kidnapping allegedly grabbed another toddler in February_NYPOST

112. Minneapolis mass shooting suspect appears in court, 'defund police' under fire after college grad killed_FOXNEWS

111. Virginia police arrest suspects in shooting that left military couple dead_FOXNEWS

Virginia police name suspect after military couple shot dead in cold blood outside their home_FOXNEWS

110. Bill Cosby's petition for parole denied_FOXNEWS

109. 'Why did my first accident have to be a cop?' Drunk driver, 32, whined that she didn't 'deserve' to be arrested after killing NYPD officer in hit-and-run, prosecutors say as she appears in court to face 13-count indictment for vehicular manslaughter_DAILYMAIL

108. Georgia Little Caesars attack suspect arrested on assault, kidnapping charges_FOXNEWS

107. Rioters Vow To Burn Police Building Down In Portland On George Floyd Death Anniversary_GATEWAYPUNDIT

106. Auto shop vandalized with racist graffiti, so the owner installed cameras. Video captured two black suspects._BLAZE

105. Southwest Airlines flight attendant loses two teeth after passenger assault; inflight incidents at 'intolerable level,' union says_USATODAY

104. NYPD Asks Public For Help Identifying Black Man Who Pushed Asian Man Onto Subway Tracks in Queens at Height of Rush Hour_GATEWAYPUNDIT

103. Still More Disturbing Evidence that Black Lives Don’t Matter to BLM_GATEWAYPUNDIT

102. ‘Four Black Males’ Suspected in the Shooting of BLM’s Sasha Johnson: Police_BREITBART

  1. Prosecutors: River North man shot girlfriend after weekend BBQ_CWB

100. NYT: Black Lives Matter Support Has Dropped Back to 2019 Levels_BREITBART

99. South Carolina cops 'confident' murder suspect cornered, sending in team to 'force him out'_FOXNEWS

98. Indiana Man Out on Bond After RIPPING A TODDLER’S HEART IN HALF During Brutal Killing_GATEWAYPUNDIT

97. 72-Year-Old Good Samaritan Nearly Beaten to Death After Stopping to Help Black Teen with Flat Tire_GATEWAYPUNDIT

96. Carjacking crisis worsens in Chicago: Latest suspect is an 11-year-old boy who helped beat a 59-year-old man_BLAZE

95. Teen, 18, in an ankle monitor 'snatches four-year-old boy from his bed, stabs him to death and dumps his body on Dallas street in random attack'_DAILYMAIL

94. Disabled veteran says four black women brutally attacked her on Mother's Day: 'F*** you, you white b****'_BLAZE

93. 11-Year-Old Arrested After Attack of Elderly Asian Man Has 'Extensive Criminal History'_YAHOO

92. Three people slashed, one punched in chain of attacks on NYC subway train_NYPOST

91. Los Angeles Lyft driver, 67, pistol-whipped, robbed at gunpoint at gas station, dash cam video shows_FOXNEWS

90. EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Brown Jr. was charged with 100 crimes over three decades, did EIGHT stints in jail, and had a history of violent confrontations with police including a 2016 incident when he had to be tasered by officers

89. 'You wanna f***in' play? Let's play!': Intruder kicks in door, allegedly threatens his kids' mother. But woman in home has a gun — and ends threat for good.

88. Minnesota bank hostage suspect had previous arrests, was released in March on conditional bail_FOXNEWS

87. Milwaukee man fatally punches son over cheesecake, pleads guilty_FOXNEWS

86. Black Man Arrested For Brutally Beating Two Elderly Asian Women with Cinder Block in Baltimore Shop (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

85. Prosecutors: Diner pistol-whipped, robbed tourists in West Town restaurant because their table was making too much noise

84. Flight club! Another massive brawl breaks out at Miami International Airport 'over masks', one week after seven people fought over seats on a plane

83. Father used infant son as human shield in shootout with cops: report

82. Surveillance Video Shows Black Man Repeatedly Punching Asian Man Pushing Stroller in Unprovoked Attack in San Francisco (VIDEO)

81. Asian woman attacked with hammer in NYC's Times Square_FOXNEWS

80. NYPD Releases Surveillance Footage of Suspect They are Looking For in Hell’s Kitchen Hammer Attack on Asian Woman (VIDEO)

79. Jobless New Yorker, 28, is charged with punching flight attendant and trying to rip off her dress 'after lashing out at staff for refusing to pick up her garbage' on Miami-to-JFK flight

78. Louisiana murder suspect dies in police shootout after killing two people and kidnapping baby_FOXNEWS

77. NYC man charged with hate crime in synagogue vandalism spree_FOXNEWS

76. Brawl Breaks Out at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Bystander Jumps in to Break Up Fight (VIDEO)

75. 'Unsolved Mysteries’ inquiry about 2010 killing of Louisiana couple leads to arrest

74. 61-Year-Old Grandmother Fatally Punched in the Face by Man in Public Street; Brother Says He Has ‘No Earthly Idea Why This Happened’

73. 3 Virginia men arrested in shooting that killed mom and baby, injured 3 others

72. Manhunt underway for escaped murder suspect near Atlanta airport

71. Suspect in anti-Asian attack claims victim robbed, maced him

70. NYPD detective whacked in head with stick in brazen broad-daylight attack

69. Chicago police charge man with murder for allegedly killing 7-year-old at McDonald's drive-thru

68. Georgia woman accused of driving into fast-food workers after drive-thru argument

67. VIDEO: Driver Out on Bail for Alleged Attempted Murder Drags NYPD Officer with Car

66. Here's Video of an Elderly Asian Man Being Stomped Unconscious You Won't See on CNN

65. FBI manhunt for Philadelphia murder suspect in pregnant girlfriend's killing 'very active'

64. FAST FOOD CRIMES: Another Weekend Waffle House Fight Caught on Video

63. Portland Rioter Indicted On Multiple Attempted Murder Charges After Throwing Molotov Cocktails At Police

62. Massachusetts man accused of fatally beating girlfriend on her favorite beach: reports

61. Task Force Pictures Hate Crime Suspects Behind Series of Violent Attacks on Asian Americans

60. Black Panthers Members Enter Asian Nail Salon in Milwaukee — Threaten, Harass and Terrify Asian Workers and Customers (VIDEO)

59. Burger King customer opens fire through drive-thru window over long wait time: report

58. Another Asian Store Attack that Won’t Make the National News – This Time in Charlotte (VIDEO)

57. Elderly Asian Couple Attacked, Robbed by Four Black Males – Then Their Machete-Wielding Son Emerges From the House to Save the Day (VIDEO)

56. Virginia Beach police make 3 more arrests, recover 14 firearms after Oceanfront shootings: report

55. Man busted for Midtown attack on Asian woman was on parole for killing his mom

54. CHICAGO: Man on probation for one gun case and on bail for another gun case had a gun at Roosevelt CTA station, prosecutors say

53. BLM Activist Arrested For Allegedly Vandalizing Lincoln Statue With Feces And Paint

52. DC police charge teen boys with carjacking as video resurfaces of botched teen girls' deadly carjacking

51. Video Shows Killing of DC Uber Eats Driver During Carjacking, CNN Refers to It as an 'Accident'

50. 8th Grade Star Athlete and Student Shot and Killed by Young Black Male

49. Virginia Beach shooting suspects appear in court as police probe why body camera didn’t record fatal encounter

48. Photo Collage Reveals Who Commits the Mass Shootings in the US Today

47. Korean Beauty Store Owner Beaten and Had Her Nose Broken by Two Women Who Shouted Racial Insults During Attack (VIDEO)

46. Black Man Charged with Hate Crime for Beating Asian Subway Rider in New York City

45. Spring breakers arrested for allegedly drugging, raping woman who later died

44. Racist Black Man Stabs 12-Year-Old Boy in the Neck at McDonald’s While Ranting About ‘White Devils’

43. WV man arrested in murder of 7-year-old with hammer: 'Just lost it'

42. Ravens' Broderick Washington arrested for allegedly breaking into cars in Virginia, police say

41. Two men arrested for murder of Miami girl over Adidas Yeezy shoes

40. San Francisco police arrest 3 in recent Chinatown attack

39. Florida Popeye's drive-thru turns into wild brawl and robbery, video shows

38. Indianapolis man angry over stimulus money suspected of murdering 4 people, including 7-year-old girl: report

37. Elderly Asian man dies following California robbery, as hate crimes swell

36. Louisiana man killed after trying to sell dirt bike on Facebook Marketplace, sheriff says

35. Black Dallas police officer charged with arranging two killings

34. Random slaying of 74 year old grandfather in Phoenix

33. NYC cops arrest mom of girl found alone on Bronx street corner

32. Louisiana police officer fatally shot over alleged mask dispute at high school basketball game

31. Colorado boy, 14, charged with murdering Denver mom in drive-by shooting attack: officials

30. Black man, two dead women and facebook live

29. Philadelphia police arrest sex assault suspect accused in Macy's bathroom attack

28. Florida man arrested after 5-year-old found seriously injured with bite marks, scarring 'all over her body'

27. Oklahoma man accused of cutting neighbor’s heart out, feeding it to his family

26. Louisiana cops release chilling video of deadly gun store shooting

25. California DA responds to attacks against elderly Asians, as activists claim coronavirus pandemic to blame

24. Oklahoma shooting leaves 6 dead, including 5 'small children': police

23. Philadelphia suspect freed on dramatically reduced bail 2 weeks before Temple U grad slayed walking dog

22. Philadelphia police arrest 2 in killing of Temple U grad, 25, who was walking his dog

21. Arizona man arrested in Christmas killing of 18-year-old

20. ‘Killer’ with long rap sheet arrested in execution-style murder of nurse while she was driving to work on the freeway

19. NYC police upping patrol amid uptick in 'subway shove' incidents, shootings

18. 85-year-old man pushed to ground, robbed of $7 on New York street

17. Teen Accused of Insurance Fraud for Allegedly Claiming BMW Vandalized with Slurs

16. Suspect in Breonna Taylor protest shooting indicted on assault, wanton endangerment charges

15. Florida man charged with involving 8-year-old boy in crime spree: 'I don't want him to be soft

14. WATCH: NC police release video of deadly Juneteenth mass shooting

13. Suspect, 35, with long rap sheet is arrested for sucker-punching 5ft 5in Ghostbusters star Rick Moranis, 67, in an unprovoked attack last month outside his NYC apartment_DAILYMAIL

12. WATCH: BLM, Antifa Fight Over Who Should Lead Philadelphia Protest

11. Protesters clash with DC police for second night over fatal moped crash

10. Looters in Philadelphia ransack stores, attack reporter during second night of chaos

9. Gunfire reported at Portland-area protest after Black man killed by deputies_FOXNEWS

8. Philadelphia sees wave of ATM, vehicle thefts amid riots, looting: reports_FOXNEWS

7. Black Lives Matter Goons TORCH Vietnam Baptist Church After Philly Cops Shoot Violent Repeat Felon with a Knife — Because Racism or Something_GATEWAYPUNDIT

6. Bystanders Mock and Livestream Brutal Beating of Police Officer Who Was Injured So Badly He Needed to Be Airlifted to Hospital (VIDEO)

5. CHICAGO: Prosecutors: 9-time felon arranged to have “a real animal” rape and rob woman in River North hotel

4. CHICAGO: Murder charge filed against man accused of stabbing sleeping homeless men this summer

3. Dramatic rescue by Dallas cops after vehicle plunges into lake caught on body camera

2. Chicago man, 18, accused of molesting cousin, 7, in online view of girl’s teacher, classmates

1. Louisiana man charged with shooting and killing toddler during violent rampage