• RAZE

1) find the person responsible for auto-correct 2) watch people take turns beating them to death

Did I forget how to type? No.

There is a difference between a typo and spelling error though. Stupid people do not realize this.

'Change' is the best friend of the Left. #Change the size of the digital keyboard. "Change" the size of the actual keyboard. The outcome - you have words that appeared almost out of thin air between the typo and auto correct. I am seeing it on various social media sites by people who never make spelling mistakes or send out messages with typos.

Double-check or triple check it. They change the wording or drop a word or change the text entirely. I am not talking about changing just the word. The entire meaning of what you type sometimes is changed by these algorithms. This is all to 'help' you is what they keep saying. But you can't turn it off. I don't need help. I don't want help.

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